Jan 29 2013

Henna Temporary Tattoo Designs – 5 Reasons Why a Henna Tattoo is Best

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Tattoos are cool! Really, really cool. However, looks good now, but they will still look good in 20 years? 30 years? How about 50 years? I would like to argue in favour of henna-tattoos, so below are 5 reasons that henna is best! These beautiful creations can make you look amazingly beautiful-and you can change your mind!Five reasons Why Henna is best.The key difference between a henna tattoo and a permanent tattoo is that the latter is a permanent and will remain on your body for the rest of your life, while the first is a temporary and lasts for 2 or 3 weeks. So you may be sick of it, and you don’t have to resort to surgery to remove it!To have a henna tattoo doesn’t hurt!. However, applying a permanent tattoo on your body be a painful procedure, and even after application of the tattoo it hurts for a few weeks or so.As henna tattoos fade, you can get a new henna tattoo design (such as stars, flowers, hearts, dragonflies, etc.) again and again on the same bit of skin, while a permanent tattoo cannot be removed easily. So with henna, you can follow the development without ending up with blue skin, as you try to find a small space to squeeze in yet another tattoo as the old, you have been dated and give your age away.Henna tattoos are cheap and readily available. If you are creative, you can even sit in the comfort of your own home and use them yourself. Be really good at it, and you can earn some money in your spare time offering them to others. Permanent tattoo temporary angel wings require an expert to use them, they are expensive and they hurt. An expert on applying henna-tattoos can reproduce patterns that uncannily resembles the permanent tattoos, if that is the look you want.When the henna is a natural product and generally known and applied, there is a very low risk of side effects or hudinfektioner. Permanent tattoo disasters, while unusual, is a complete nightmare.

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