Jan 28 2013

Temporary Tattoo Art – Tips on Caring For Your Tattoo!

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YiMei Lovely flying butterfly temporary tattoos

Just like any other art, time and exposure to the elements particularly water will corrode the color and brightness of your tattoo. So extra care must be observed after having his tattoo.Your aftercare regime is grounded on two factors: speed of healing and curing efficiency. Curing speed refers to the speed with which the tattoo seattle temporary heals. You can apply a thin film of healing ointment or antibiotic ointment into tattoo four times a day. The tattoo is still a wound and wounds are creating ground for bacteria that lead to infection. If the tattoo artists covered his tattoo with a bandage, did not take off until at least a minimum of two hours. However, if the artist covered his tattoo with a some sort of plastic, take it off. This is bad for tattoo because suffocates the tattoo.Take extra care in choosing airy, breathable clothes until the crusts to tattoo over. Do not swim or soak more than necessary. Another thing, you know that the chlorinated water is very bad for your new tattoo? In fact, while the tattoo is still not scabies, don’t swim or take a bath. Apply thick layers of healing ointment or antibiotic creams on the tattoo will actually speed up the healing process, but it will also make the ink to discolor, become dull, vanish more easily and lose the saturation. If you really need to take a bath, take short baths. You can place a loose cover on the tattoo just so it won’t pick up water. If you need to wash the blood, plasma or completely clean using warm water and liquid detergent soft antibacterial. Do not use abrasive sponge or something.For plasma, you will know when your tattoo feels slimy and slippery, plasma, remove as much as possible, because these causes scabbing. Humidity is not too bad, but it is overkill. Perhaps avoiding swimming for at least two weeks is enough. As with any good thing the key is moderation.In moderation, you will be able to find a balance between curing time and effectiveness.You can also use lotion again for about a week after the tattoo, but make sure that it is dye and fragrance-free. Also remember not to scratch the tattoo when it feels itchy. Last but not least, use sunscreen at least a minimum 30spf to keep your tattoo vibrant for years to come.

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