Dec 27 2012

Temporary Tattoo Removal Creams – What is the Safest and Most Effective Tattoo Removal Cream?

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Tattoo removal creams are mainly sold online, but recently began to move into the traditional retail outlets. Topical products for removal of make your own online temporary tattoo are available without a prescription and vary in price from less than $ 40 to over $ 100.After spending some time comparison between different products and tattoo, it is safe to say that the best cream for removing tattoos is that it is safe and does not contain hydroquinone or TCA. Unfortunately, these two ingredients in particular are dangerous and in the case of hydroquinone has been banned in several countries around the world.TCA is the acid, which is primarily used in massage treatments. Most skin care specialists strongly suggest that only uses this ingredient in the presence of a trained medical professional, if something can go wrong.Tattoo removal Creams-safe CompositionOne of the safest ingredients removal creams is Alpha arbutin. This ingredient has been clinically tested and proven to not only be effective, but to be safe, as well as being Alpha arbutin is a natural version of hydroquinone. Alpha arbutin works by prohibiting new skin from developing pigment. Since the older layers of the skin naturally replaced with new layers, Alpha arbutin “bleachers” of the skin, which in turn helps to fade unwanted tattoo.It is very important to note that if you choose to purchase a product, you will probably want to buy a device skin exfoliation. Some kits come with one, but they are generally over priced. A simple scrubbing pad sold for a few dollars at a local hypermarket will suffice.In conclusion, while the most current products are effective, they are not always safe, which is why it is important to pay particular attention to the ingredients each potential product.

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