Dec 23 2012

Eyebrow Temporary Tattoo

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Many women make the mistake of picking out of more than required eyebrows hair. This leaves them with scarce forehead hair growth ruger. Also the women who naturally have thin brow hair, it is difficult to get these amazing eyebrows that improve the aesthetics of your face. The choice of eyebrow tattoo is the best solution. Eyebrow tattoo is a great way to fill the missing eyebrows. You can choose your color of your eyebrows, the thickness and the permanent form. The only disadvantage by getting an eyebrow tattoo is that it is waning during a period when the skin regenerates. Let us see how you choose the eyebrows color that suits your skin.Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo ColorsEyebrows colors for BlondesAs a Convention, so try most makeup artists and match the color of the eyebrows with the natural color of your hair. While you get a eyebrows follows the same rule. Try and match the color of your permanent eyebrows with your actual hair color. For example, if your hair is fierce blonde keep with blonde ink. If your hair is against the dark shadow, then a light brown blonde or a golden hue is suitable for you. Them with silver or gray tint to the blonde hair, keep with blonde colour.Eyebrows colors for Black HairPeople with black hair are most likely to have dark or dark Tan. This makes it very difficult to choose the right color. If you have a lean growth, it is most likely that a thick eyebrows will make your face seem very harsh. So use a dark brown glow with a touch of taupe, would be ideal. A light slap of black would also look good, if it is done well.Eyebrows colors for RedheadsRedheads have very light skin. It makes your makeup misery harder than your colleagues. Eyebrows tattoo colors for redheads is dark brown with a tint of red. If you can bear it out, dark blonde with a glow of Red is also looks good. Read more on semi-permanent tattoos.Eyebrows Tattoo AftercareAfter treatment of ink starbrite tattoo is very important.Tattoo care corresponds to take care of a wound. The first and immediate vision of the tattoo will scare you, but don’t go in panic. Your vision will gradually accustom the appearance. Originally the color of the forehead will seem dark. But over a week the same will light up. For the first week or two, depending on the mode of your tattoo to avoid excessive use of water, make-up and Sun. This may make the wound antiseptic. Use a good antiseptic creams in order to avoid possible infections. After 10 days or so, will marker tattoo begins healing, where you will have to keep the skin around it is moistened. Always use a sunscreen before you go out in the Sun after the eyebrows tattoo is healed completely. Go will also have to go in for timely touch-ups. You may like to read more on tattoo aftercare.In case you are not familiar with the way eyebrows tattoo look, you can always choose eyebrow tattoo removal. The tattoo removed with a laser procedure, by checking the pigment or ink that is used in making it. your health history and State of the tattoo is also taken into account at the same time remove the marker tattoo. Eyebrows tattoo cost is fairly high and the cost of removing it is even more higher. So think twice before it becomes the permanent makeup on your face.

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