Nov 29 2012

Cover Up Temporary Tattoos for Names

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Some of us forget that a tattoo is a permanent art and tattoo removal is not easy, so when you end up with a tattoo that we don’t like, we have restricted the options available to us to rectify the situation. Removing a tattoo is a costly affair as one of the best options to be explored is to use cover tattoos. Covering a tattoo is art and there are artists who use their skills to create projects that hide unwanted tattoos and give a new artwork. Artists cover tattoos for the names are very popular as there are many who would like to delete a name or a Word from their body.Cover Up Tattoo IdeasTattoo letteringsAre you tired of using different tattoo cover up ideas, how to wear a jacket to cover an unwanted tattoo. Try to cover the tattoos to names for a permanent solution. If you’re wondering how to cover tattoos, and there are several tattoo lettering styles that can be used. Some famous examples to cover tattoos professional temporary to names are Johnny Depp and Pamela Anderson. Johnny had a tattoo that said ‘ Winona Forever ‘ and changed to ‘ Wino Forever ‘. Pamela had ‘ Tommy ‘ tattooing and changed to ‘ mum ‘. A friend had the name ‘ Lilly ‘ tattooed on his arm and has changed to ‘ Silly Me ‘ and has a broken heart around it.Tribal tattoosOne of the best tattoo ideas cover is to shadow over your name tattoo inked designs tribal thick with long flowing lines. Tribal tattoos can cover the names easily enough as you can draw designs with expansive curves only lines and sharp corners or twisted patterns. Good tattoo artist will not be disturbed by the font used for the tattoo, they will only draw on their first projects to give you a totally cool looking design.The best thing about tribal tattoos is that there are different tribal designs that appeal to individual tastes.Tattoo DesignsSuperimposition of different cover up tattoo designs form names is an idea very popular which has been successfully used by many individuals. Using female models like flowers, butterflies, etc are some of the best cover tattoos for women. A good artist to integrate the existing name in the new design. The artists use techniques such as shading, heavy inking, the use of bright colors, so If you’re a guy you can use male models as dragons, skulls, snakes, etc. to hide your tattoo name. All you have to do is choose bright colors cover the tattoo design.Graffiti TattooThis is one of the latest craze, using the body as a canvas for graffiti depicting your attitude. Graffiti tattoos are very popular as cover tattoos for the lower back, arms, shoulders and other body parts. The reason behind the popularity of these tattoos is the combination of pictures and words co-existing in perfect sync. You can also embed your old tattoo as is, in the new tattoo and have a beautiful new image. A friend had the name of ‘ Rose ‘ tattooed on your arm and wanted to get rid of it, so using the style of graffiti has incorporated into the tattoo by ‘ Roses are red Violets are Blue Sugar is sweet and so r U ‘ with woven flowers wine into words.Get hold of a good artist and you could use pretty much any design you want to how to cover the tattoos for the names. Get a tattoo coverage is less expensive than tattoo removal and also gives you the opportunity to have a fresh new tattoo.

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