Nov 26 2012

What You Must Know About Celtic Cross Temporary Tattoo Designs

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One of the most popular Celtic tattoo designs is the Celtic Cross tattoo. The cross is marked by a circle placed at the center of the cross, midway between the three dots in the figure. Tattooing is considered to be a representation of the Celtic beliefs and cultural heritage, while the cross has been a favorite pattern used by men. However, the particular formulation is no longer limited to the male species. Most Mexican-born today have developed Celtic Cross temporary tattoo hawaiian designs that are very feminine look.Common design ideas means twisted knots and flips that results in an extremely bold and intricate design. This is done usually in shades of black, gray and white, but an explosion of colour are also welcome. It goes doubly for women who are naturally inclined to go for the lively look with more curves to go with her femininity. For those who are looking for something extra, some Mexican also can give the image dimension. A play of colors and shape of the Celtic Cross tattoo design can provide the two-dimensional image with a three-dimensional illusion.When you choose a tattoo, one must consider the consequences on the symbol. In the case of the Celtic Cross tattoo cross is a typical symbol of religion. The four elements (water, air, fire, Earth) can also be connected to the four corners of the cross. The circle, in combination with the figure is said to be a representation of eternal life. Since the circle has neither a beginning nor an end, it can be interpreted as God’s love is boundless. It can also be a representation of the Sun and the four corners can also be interpreted as North, South, East and West. In addition, the four Celtic festivals, Beltaine, Lammas, Samhan and Imbolc-can also be used as a representation of the four corners. For those who are natives in the United Kingdom, Scotland or England, Celtic Cross tattoo being a clear reference to his legacy.A good thing about the Celtic Cross tattoo design is that it can be made in different sizes.Therefore, ideal body parts for printing are endless, ranging from the arm, wrist, ankles, or lower back. With the endless pattern of ideas that can be combined with the tattoo, it is not surprising that most people choose the Celtic cross pattern. Like many tattoo designs, it is also possible for you to swing a little bit of your personality in tattooing. Some enthusiasts have tried to combine other symbols with the Celtic cross pattern as a flower or a heart. The extra object usually lay a special meaning for the person who has it.Ancient symbols have always been a source of inspiration for contemporary art and the Celtic tattoo is no exception. The design has been known to go over centuries of evolution, firmly place it in the classic status. Therefore, choose a Celtic Cross tattoo can be an excellent pick, especially if you are leaning against its religious connotations.

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