Nov 26 2012

The Origin of the Temporary Tattoos of Waves

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Do you have any children? Have you already dealt the generation gap? From my point of view, the conflict between children and their parents are a common thing that we have all become accustomed to them. Difference of opinions, the difference in taste, differences of opinion, unlike almost anything. We so often hear the same words of adults: what are? And what do they listen? Is it not the music? And adults enter heads. And continue to surprise, do not include and whine. And adolescents continue to do these strange things that are clear only to them. Many of these young people gather and form actual movements. Do you know one of them? I think that Yes. For example, punks and hippies. We can see representatives of these groups in public places: in public transport on the plazas and parks. They live their own lives, make their own special clothes, have their own understanding of the world. All that distinguishes them from other people, that makes them different and United. Some people have already got used to this phenomenon, but others look at them as to extraordinary exhibitions in the Museum. Their clothing, dreadlocks, special tokens and ornaments to attract and we alert at the same time.I thought of this wandering in the Park. I was shocked and surprised when my son saw boy with a look Gothic and said: “I want to be like him. I will become like him. You love him, Dad? It is cool, isn’t it? It was unnecessary to explain to my son that I did not, like him, to be like this guy-Gothic. I understood that the time would come and my son dressed all in black closed the door of his room behind my nose with a cry: “you don’t understand me! You have never heard me! I already understand. All teens want to differ from others, do not be like the majority.Because they are in this way. To understand what they want from this life. It is hard to be a teenager work. And we adults should do everything possible so the respectable people of the human society of our children. Help them to deal with this complex world and try to understand. Just to remind you of your youth. You have been the same.My son became Goth as he wanted. Of course, we have a few misunderstandings sometimes, but they are not serious.And I wander in the Park and the thought of my son flower tattoos

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