Nov 22 2012

Phoenix Temporary Tattoos

Posted by lu in Tattoo
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I’ve always been a fan of phoenix temporary tattoo for men in General and this is probably because I like the mythology of the large birds that burns when it is without power, and then through her s my fire to be extended again. Phoenix is magical and mythical bird that represents a lot of things in the history of man. In particular, the dawning of a new day. So a day die in the darkness, and then reborn in almost a fire to see the Orange sunlight of dawn a glance over the horizon.1000s of printable Tattoo DesignsAnd once the Earth giving life, that they can not only bring with it. Life, which would not exist without fail, or renewal.As as far as phoenix tattoo go this is done very well. This is a kind of tribal style I would say that due to her line and s s, but it is good to see one just the same. I like how it refers to the person for the full back, because I think the phoenix tattoo must be United, like this. But I prefer that these birds painted with wings and colors. There is nothing the phoenix proved better, but then the fire red and oranges on the early morning sun.

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