Nov 20 2012

Remember the Chain Link Temporary Tattoo Around the Bicep? What Ever Happened to This Generic Tattoo Design?

Posted by lu in Tattoo
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Remember the link around the bicep tattoo design? There was a time when it seemed like every guy, and their brother sports around and showing off the tattoo design. Where’d she go? tattoos stickers are permanent and they do not just disappear! So, what ever happened-generic tattoo designs around the bicep?The Trend has ended.Chain tattoo was a trendy tattoo, that huge guys jumped on the bandwagon and started to get it in ink, and many times they wrap around your bicep. It was considered that the “cool” as “cool” and how “bad” (but in a good way).But that was then.Now tat circuit often mocked and ridiculed, sometimes due to the fact that so many guys blindly jumped on the bandwagon without any sense. The famous circuit tat doesn’t really have a lot of sense. Of course, appeared in a number of different values along the way, but most of the guys didn’t have a clue, and the idea that it was the cool thing to do at the time, as soon as I bought the Little they know what the future held.Started on the cover.This is a common error when getting a tattoo. You will never jump on the trendy bandwagon. If everyone and their brother is getting a certain amount of design, best for you to run to the other side and think about something else.So, even though today is the first reason why you don’t see any chains, because nobody is getting them anymore, the second reason is that the guys who make them, covering them now!The chain is the most important, bicep, the Big Show, tattoo. Guys like rolling your sleeves to reveal their hazardous looking bicep chain.Now, Tulejk? later. The End.Now that times have changed, and the chain has lost its masculinity, the sleeve suddenly rolled off from their previous rolled up position. The upper part of the tank and cut off the tee to wear a lot less to maintain, some trendy, now ridiculed the circuit, hidden and in awe.

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