Nov 20 2012

7 Temporary Tattoo Ideas to Avoid

Posted by lu in Tattoo
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Here are 7 ideas to avoid tattoo:1. trends. Avoid getting a tattoo based on trends. While everyone is getting the same design or style that usually means in a few years the so-called cool trend does and will be seen this kind of ink and unoriginal and lame.2. facial tattoo. The suicide rate among people who get tattoos in very high, I tell you there’s a lot of regret dealing with this resolution. Avoid getting the work done on your face unless you are absolutely sure this is for you.3. tribal tats. Unless the tribal style for you, then forget it. Don’t jump on the bandwagon a few years ago with an enormous amount of people embarrassed to have been arrested and they are in the direction of tribal tattoo ideas and now pity on the work they have done.4. lower back tattoos. Especially if you are female, turned lower back tattoos now in colloquial terms as they are now known as “tramp stamps” due to the fact that many women jumped on the bandwagon, and now there are tens of thousands of signed up lower back female tats.5. neck tattoo. Ink neck is not bad as face toner, but still a number of “bandaids” I have seen on the necks of ink coverage, and orders a warning about neck work. It may seem like a cool tattoo and smart idea at first, but over time a lot of people are tired of getting constant attention they receive from ink neck.6. cheap tattoo. This is homemade with generally India ink. The result is usually horrible always, over time, work and swabs fades, finally looks like a bad rash instead of tattoos.7. names. There are exceptions to the names. Your child’s name and usually safe and sound decision. But in General, the number of operations to cover tattoos cheerleading temporary include huge names. There’s a lot of regret with ink, so be careful with this option.

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