Nov 15 2012

Henna – Why Doesn’t the Stain Last Forever Like a Temporary Tattoo?

Posted by lu in Tattoo
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Henna Moon gods in the past few decades, the safe and healthy in nature and have received the public’s tremendous recognition and appreciation temporarily. Similarly, their possible attributes and do not require replacement more convenient than permanent, temporary tattoo, which makes them rather than query for the applied technology is increasing.Henna paste is applied on the surface of the skin. Every passing day, the new skin layer is continuously is formed under the surface. This new skin cells are being formed of intertwined with each other so that each new cell propelled by rising in the file. These cells begin to grow, they will eventually die and hard and keratin, hence their name “corneated skin cells”. By the time they reach the surface of the skin, very dead being dry and eventually replace them more cells and an Exfoliating and exfoliate. Surface cells are the most henna dye compared to saturation, and the cell below the stratum Corneum items low. These surface cells exfoliate when, on the surface, the rise of small stained all the stained cells are exfoliated. Therefore, henna designs or temporary tattoos will gradually disappear in the end how to fade.Henna tattoo permanent tattoo, compared to naturally flowing and Spinous layer in the layers of the stratum Corneum and coloring. Dead dried the keratin layers compared to this, the second floor is a living tissue. This is not a permanent tattoo, which eventually will exfoliate dead skin layer, henna application, performed a non-painful, is the main reason why. Since then, tattoo-cell layer depth and exfoliate made not permanent and will not be moved to the mark. They are permanent and corneated cells on the surface of the skin, exfoliate to make henna stains entirely gone is a layer of living cells do not stain.

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