Nov 10 2012

Temporary Tattoos For Women

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A number of studies say that more women are going for tattoo, than men. Some are of the opinion that women are stronger than men when it comes to tattooing tattoo designers. The men initially are very strong and healthy before the beginning of the process, but when the needles touch their skin, some of them collapsed. On the other hand, women have a higher level of tolerance and can withstand the pain.Men are not as style conscious as women. Men usually choose designs and select anywhere on your body and just make your tattoos done. Women, on the other hand, are choosier about what kind of tattoo they want their exact design and color should be and exactly what part of your body tattoo to decorate.Women usually get tattoos when they go through some large change of emotion. Change in life incident often pushes a woman to do the tattoo that the tattoo marks of this incident. One of the most common reasons, used by women to get a tattoo is that they divorced their spouses or have broken up with her boyfriend. In addition to these two main reasons life altering incidents for which women get tattoos are a marriage or the birth or the loss of a loved one.The practice of women getting a tattoo for some emotional change is not something new. This is for thousands of years. Earlier it was believed that if a woman cannot bear the pain of tattooing, then she definitely won’t be able to endure the pain of childbirth.Early women use to get a tattoo of the hidden parts of their bodies as their breasts or buttocks. But now women have begun temporary tattoos visible parts of their bodies. Many women want larger custom tattoos. They do it on the hands, feet, and any imaginable visible parts of your body.Some women even cover almost their entire bodies with tattoos, but the most popular visible parts of the body of the woman, where you can see the tattoo Center of neck, ankles, lower back and upper chest. The artist offers to the customer, which part of your body design will look best.Women usually like female tattoos. So the most popular designs for women are flower like sunflowers and roses, Angels, fairies, butterflies, unicorns. A little further back dolphin tattoos are very popular among women. Some women also go for common tattoos like that of animals and birds. Some women even go for male and Gothic tattoos. Many women tattoo the names or initials of your favorite people on your skin and decorate them with models.

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