Nov 10 2012

Panther Temporary Tattoos

Posted by lu in Tattoo
Fashion desgin waterproof and sweat temporary tattoo sticker totem

The Panther tattoo is one of the most powerful and sustainable of all animal tattoos. And the Black Panther tattoo is particularly popular historically. But, that is what the Panther design about? Let s take a quick look at the meaning and the origin of this design. The Panther is a member of one or the puma Panther and families is a predatory animal found in the Middle East and parts of North Africa. They are known for their wild ruse and in China, the Black Panther is considered to be particularly dangerous.Download DesignsBecause tattoos temporary cheer award-winning characteristics in the animal Kingdom, they are associated with greater courage, strength and the ability to fight in the world of tattooing. It is ironic that the form crawling, as in this example, may have been adapted from a 1934 Children s book on mythology by the old time Milwaukee tattoo artist Amund Dietzel. He adapted the design tattoo in the book and started tattooing. He was an instant success and became the popular tattoo of the day s. And now, after a few years of stagnation the Panther tattoo has made a comeback in the world of tattooing. So, if you have an interest in this magical design now is a good time to integrate it into your collection personal body ink.

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