Nov 07 2012

Top 6 Ways to Remove Your Temporary Tattoo!

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There are many such people who want to remove their tattoos. These days there are several methods to remove your tattoo. At the end of the 1980s, laser treatment was the best method, and remains even today. It ensures that there are no scars are left on your skin after the treatment. Before the laser treatment came into the picture, people used the following methods of tattoo removal.1. Dermabrasion methodIn this method of removing skin was sanded with a wire brush or a diamond fraise, a kind of abrasive disc that the top surface of the skin removed and also a little of the inner layer if necessary.The main drawback of this method is that the scars on the skin surface.2. Salabrasion MethodThis was a method that was generally in the past. In this case was a salt solution prepared and this removed pigmentation of the skin surface. At times, it was used in combination with dermabrasion, but later it has become a very unpopular.3. Cryosurgery MethodIn this method of tattoo removal, the skin surface to the tattoo will first be frozen to the part numb and then was removed.4. Excision MethodFor the laser treatment was the excision method. Here, a dermatologist would remove the tattoo by using a scalpel and close the open wound with sutures. If the tattooed his was too large, skin grafting should be done. (Skin from another part of the body would be placed over the tattooed area.)5. Scarification MethodIn this way of working is an acidic solution is used to remove the tattoo. The main drawback of the method is that scarification leave scars in place of the tattoo. For this reason, not many people prefer this process.6. Cloaking MethodIn this case use of injections.New pigments are injected to the skin to form either a completely new cover with a grips tattoo or existing chat skin-toned pigment, so the tattoo cover. Injected pigments don’t look natural, because they do not have the natural translucency the skin.Most of the above methods are also used today. But the laser surgery is definitely the best method to get a tattoo because of certain benefits like the minimum side effects, bloodless, low risk and effective removal.Now that you know the different ways you can remove your tattoo. But they say prevention is better than cure, so make sure that you have the correct artist and get a perfect tattoo done, so you don’t need to delete.

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