Nov 06 2012

Feet Temporary Tattoos – Which Are the Best Feet Tattoos to Get?

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An increasingly popular place for ink are the foot. These are great because they can be hidden and private, but they can slightly be shown outside and you can even sexy way to accentuate your legs.Here are some of the best feet tattoos.1. Shooting Stars.This works great for bead design. You get a handful of small stars (usually 3 or more), shooting, and they are of different sizes. Very cool, and pops up very well.2. Necklace/Cross.In General, will launch a big necklaces around the ankle and the curtain down on the front side of the foot at the end with a cross. This is a clever and interesting model that exploits the body’s contours create a great tattoo.3. Toe tattoos temp black (such as Knuckle tattoos)Now this is an interesting pattern, which you don’t see often. Instead, Knuckle tattoos, some of the people the perimeter to make on the front of your toes. If you are in the font and Knuckle fats, but want a more discreet location, putting them, consider the feet tattoos.4. Tribal.Tribal designs can actually also works on the legs. Tribal played very strongly, but puts them on your feet really tribal design look original and unique.5. the Vines and flowers.Vines and flowers make great tattoos. You can Drape the vine around the legs with intermittent flowers placed on this route.6. adjust the Feet tattoos.A lot of people have ideas for matching tattoos. A pair of dice, one on each hand, or a pair of birds, each on one shoulder, and so on. Consider feet as a great place for part of the hit grease.

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