Nov 03 2012

Friendship Temporary Tattoos – Don’t Get a Friendship Tattoo Until You Do These 3 Important Things

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Friendship tattoos are a great way to show the Word how you and your friend to feel for each other. But there are a few things you should do first. Here are three very important things you should do before getting a tattoo of friendship.First, keep this in mind. And if you can’t think about it now, your friendship may change over the years-not even the last. This may seem harsh, but this is the truth. The only thing that is certain is that it will take your tattoo. Get inked just will have to live with this tattoo design for the rest of your life.For this reason you should consider carefully the plan you choose for your friendship tattoo. You may not want to have the name of your friend, person, date of birth, zodiac sign or something like that which is used as a tattoo. It may seem like a great idea now, but if this friendship is ending down the road you might not want to be wearing for the rest of your days, a permanent reminder of that person.A good example is the tattoo Johnny Depp had made when she was dating Winona Ryder. His spider temporary tattoos read “Winona forever” when the relationship ended Johnny Depp didn’t want to wear the tattoo as a reminder of those days. Pretty much stuck with the tattoos, went to great lengths to have changed. This does not seem very good, but now reads “Bebum” forever. “I wonder what would happen if I ever stop drinking!Secondly, consider tattoo designs that will work well on their own, but still can serve as a symbol of friendship. Combining designs of something that is important for each one of the tattoos make good friendship.Star tattoos are extremely popular today and contains exciting meanings. There is a lot that can be done with star tattoos. Can have different parts, each with a different meaning.They can come in all different colors and sizes. Shooting Star tattoo design to be very popular among friends.The third is to consider a sentence like friendship tattoos. Many friends choose a phrase, where each person wears only half of the sentence. The thinking is that together complement each other. Refer back to the first point, if you think that. A better idea is to choose a phrase that is important for each of you and have the same words inked on you as a tattoo.

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