Oct 31 2012

About Chinese Dragon Temporary Tattoo – What Most People Don’t Know But Should

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The Chinese Dragon is a mythical beast divine arose from ancient Chinese folklore. Nowadays usually is depicted as a huge, coil, and a massive creature. Unlike the “Western dragons”, which was described as evil, the Chinese dragon has long been symbolized as the power authority as in folklore and art. Created on land agriculture-oriented country, Chinese Dragon believed brings rain and water that well explains the position it occupies in the Chinese culture.For centuries, Chinese people are proud to call themselves “Long De Chuan Ren”, or “descendants of the Dragon”. This ethnic identity is believed to originate from the Huang-di, the benevolent, the legendary emperor, which, as mentioned, was the Dragon is immortalized. As Huang di is considered the ancestor of the Chinese, hence the saying “descendants of the Dragon”.In this regard, the myth of Huang-di, the Chinese Dragon is also symbolized as the imperial power. For the dynasty, the emperors were credited to “Long Zi” or “descendants of the Dragon”, who wore the imperial robes with dragons is drawn, and claimed that the Dragon birthmark as divine permission to heaven.The Chinese Dragon is also one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, the special Chinese way to denote years. To be more specific, year 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952 or whatever, the 12-year gap between b year of Dragon. In order to be “like a dragon”, there are still children, born in the years of the Dragon, than in any other year of the animals of the Chinese horoscope.Considering all of the above reasons, it is not difficult to understand why the Chinese Dragon so popular among fans of tattoos. In fact, if you are lucky enough to be born in the years of the Dragon, it is much recommended that you get a dragon tattoo, because you were blessed to be associated with a Chinese Dragon.Basically, the Chinese Dragon is currently tattoo in two forms: picture and character.Some prefer to have their whole area back tattooed with a vivid picture of the Dragon, while others may be happy with the Chinese character for “Dragon” tattoo for a one square inch area. For a dragon tattoo picture, careful selection of images, as well as the tattoo artist will be enough to ensure the quality of a tattoo of a dragon. For a dragon tattoo character, however, it takes effort to find a great tattoo idea, since you have to take many factors into consideration, including, literally, the “actual” sense and “cultural content” is the word you select. Well, it’s just a dodgy thing to Chinese language.Fortunately, there are many Chinese phrases that associate with the idea of a Chinese Dragon. Signed three Dragon related Chinese idioms to explore.Shen Long/Long Ma Chuang Shen Ma Zhuangstrong and energetic with an impressive bearing.Both Shen Long Ma Zhuang and long Shen Ma Zhuang is lawful, as idioms, as in many cases the Chinese characters can be eliminated in a nutshell is the same value as this.Literally speaking, Shen means “magical, divine power,” Long “Dragon”, Ma means “horse” and Zhuang means “strong.” In Chinese culture, horses are considered intelligent, powerful and friendly to humans, which is used in conjunction with the Dragon in this idiom to describe the State of being strong and energetic.By the way, Shen would have quite good character ink alone, that can also mean “Almighty”.Ru Long Si Hu: gallant and energeticBoth Ru and Si means “similar” in Chinese, so this idiom literally means “like a dragon, as a tiger.” Traditionally, Hu (Tiger) and long (Dragon) are used together in phrases, idioms and sayings to display status to be strong, in power and dominant. Needless to say, this language would definitely fit for men, as it is full of strength and courage.What is worth noting, however, that long usually appears before Hu Jintao in expression, and, seemingly, amazingly, when on the contrary.That being said, it would be a great idea to add Hu in your tattoo if your previous choice was ink Long one, but the right way to do it would probably “Long Hu” and not “Hu Long.”Ho Long Xian Jian: a strong and energeticLiterally speaking, Ho means “Long live”, meaning “Dragon”, Xian means “fresh”, and Jian means “healthy.” In conjunction with one another, they form a unique Chinese language, one of the new and approximately meaning. Large literal content, many of the actual value, and great cultural value, at this time, definitely suitable for a tattoo.These Dragon related Chinese idioms in the literary and cultural variation of the Dragon, and they indeed live up to standards of a unique and clever Chinese tattoo. It would be so amazing if you find the one that best suits your personality. Chinese dragon tattoos new york fake design can be much more than the ink, but the special identity that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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