Aug 17 2012

Laser Ink Removal For Temporary Tattoos – Remove a Tattoo With Minimal Skin Damage

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New design eagle temporary tattoos

Benefits of laser technology is optimal, that people are trying to remove the tattoo. Light energy lasers can penetrate the skin and effectively remove paint, which is located in the outer layer of skin beneath. If the ink, laser energy is directed at the body break down and absorb the pigment puts it, removing a tattoo. Incision is made and the patient does not veritseda.Laser removal of ink is slightly inconvenient, but the procedure is fast and the patient is generally unable to lokaalanesteetikum that the tuimaks area and reduce pain. Throughout the session duration is usually 2-3 minutes, depending on the size and location of the tattoo. However, the process is not instant, and generally patients undergo a series of 5-15 visit to the ankle tattoos temporary is completely removed.After the treatment it is recommended to put each of the patients on the ice, which contributes to reducing the region damaged conjunctive. Topical antibiotics to prevent infection shall also apply. Side effects may include paint and leather, but usually disappears over time. However, it is important to treat the skin have undergone laser ink is removed carefully.Progress in laser removal tattoo ink often depends on size, the pigment of the skin object, as well as the age and location of the tattoo. Other options include a tattoo removal Skin sanding or excising tattoo, but they have generally been replaced by more sophisticated laser technology.

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