Jul 30 2012

Feminine and Beautiful Bird Temporary Tattoo Designs For Girls

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YiMei Waterproof temporary tattoos colored flowers and purple elegant peony

Bird tattoo can be a beautiful and women when women are creatures of these naturally beautiful and fascinating. Birds may mean that they will view it as a symbol of spirituality and looking as traditional as moderators between God and mankind.There are several types of birds that can be used as a signature tattoo for girl. Here are some of them, and they represent a meaningful.Sparrow in the Testament was considered a symbol of solitude and seclusion, while the New Testament it is as representative of lowliness and no meaning in Greek mythology, but are associated with the goddess Aphrodite and related. In countries that are poor as Japan symbols of allegiance because it is easy to access.Swallow is a symbol of spring and renewal of life. In South Africa, is considered a symbol of innocence, while in China the two blend represents happiness in married life.Dove represent peace righteous spirit of gentle and innocence Two pigeon together will see as a symbol of love and marital fidelity.Beg can show the meaning of trust and. On the birds of the period associated with the divine Lady Venus.Stork is considered as birds deliver baby so it is associated with spring and.As a symbol of spring, Parrot and occupations, as well as to mimic because the ability to mimic. In Hinduism, it is associated with evil love, prophecy and the rain.Ukraine is a good omen as in China, the Messenger of God and those who love and happiness it connotes high status, lived, enlightenment spirituality and immortality.So there you go, tips and ideas for jewelry fake tattoos bird for yourself. What you need to do is finish your design a tattoo and bird tattoo artist with appointments.

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