Jul 01 2012

Claddagh Temporary Tattoos

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Tattoo is not only a drawing on the body, it is a form of self-expression. A tattoo can reveal your personality, he can speak of your tastes and distastes, it can reflect your love for your loved ones or it can make your feelings for a particular belief. This painful body art has become a mantra of style in the world and any other person wants to have a tattoo on the splendid body.The list of the tattoos is infinite, because any symbol or a drawing can be a tattoo. Can be a tattoo that represents something living, such as bird or animal tattoo, tattoo or can go for a tattoo that represents traditional or mythical, symbols as cross tattoo or a tattoo nautical stars. Tattoos Claddagh are among the tattoo designs that have such symbolic meanings. These tattoos are mainly from Claddagh ring, which is part of Irish culture. Before these tattoos designs, take a glance to the history and meaning of these Claddagh tattoos.Claddagh Tattoo meaning and historyThe Claddagh symbol is represented by a heart held by two hands with the Crown placed on top of the heart. The meaning of this symbol can be given that, I give my heart with my two hands and Crown it with my love. Love (heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the Crown) are meanings of this design.There are many stories that tell the origin of the Claddagh tattoos. A story, which most historians believe to be the original story goes like this… He was an Irishman by the name of Richard Joyce Goldsmith, native of Galway, in Ireland. He sailed to the West Indies for the work and promised his beloved that he will marry her when he returns. But he was captured and sold as a slave to a Moorish Goldsmith.Robert Joyce was released, when William III was crowned King of England. The Moorish Goldsmith had great respect for Robert Joyce because of its unique art techniques. Thus, he asked Joyce to marry his daughter to take half of the wealth and put an end to the plans of returning to Galway. But Joyce has not accepted this offer and returned home to marry his beloved. It is said than during the period of slavery under the Moorish Goldsmith, Joyce had designed Claddagh ring big betsey johnson for his fiancee. He presented the ring to her, when he returned to Galway and both of them were married. The ring then became very popular in Ireland and has been used as a traditional wedding ring. Thus, the Claddagh ring is worn by all Irish and part of Irish heritage. Learn more about tattooing and Irish Irish symbols for tattoos designs.Another story that States, there was a prince who fell in love with a maid and he designed the Claddagh ring to convince his father of his deep love for the women of House. He explained that Claddagh design, the heart represents love, the hands represent friendship and the Crown is for fidelity. It is said that his father was very impressed by the explanation of the design and blessed the couple.Claddagh tattoo ideasThe original design of Claddagh tattoo is unique and, therefore, requires no customization. They are unisex tattoos and look on both men and women. Claddagh tattoo designs can be carved in black and white or other colours. Men usually get the tattoo on biceps Claddagh, while women get it on the wrists or the back. A Claddagh tattoo on foot can be drawn to cover the upper part of the foot or it can be cut to cover the entire breast area.There are different complex and delicate Claddagh tattoo designs that look very amazing. You can even combine these tattoos with name tattoos and engrave the name of your beloved below the Claddagh tattoo. This tattoo can be carved to imitate a ring as the design around the fingers. Read more on wedding ring tattoos.This was a brief information on Claddagh chanel temporary tattoo and their history. If you want to express your deep love for your soul mate or friend through a tattoo, then Irish Claddagh tattoo is the best tattoo for you. Then, visit a tattoo expert and get the Claddagh tattoo. Good tattoo!

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