Apr 11 2012

Heart Love Temporary Tattoos – The 9 Most Popular Designs For Heart and Love Tattoos

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LW Fashion design waterproof temporary tattoos cartoon cute cat and flower for kid

Heart and love tattoos are a great way to express love and devotion to someone that interests you. These tattoos have been increasingly popular for a very long time and the design can be customized in many different ways to suit personal preferences. If you are interested in these symbolic tattoos, then you like the design ideas that follow.
Heart tattoos: the classic heart tattoo design is shaped triangle which has been reversed. In addition to this standard of classical style and heart tattoo, there are many other styles that are considered popular.
Stars and hearts: this design heart symbolizes happiness and good opportunities.
Golden Heart: This popular heart tattoo represents someone who is conflated with their cars and all things around them. The heart of gold is a symbol of personal awareness.
Arrow pierced Through The Heart: a combination of arrows and the heart symbolizes the sting of love.
Love The popularity of Tattoos: tattoos of love seems to be continue to grow. Love tattoos are very popular and have a long list of tattoo design that represent the love and devotion.
Cupid: Cupid is the Roman god of love and the design is the image of a winged boy carrying a bow and an arrow.
Eros: Eros is the Greek God of love and also he is a winged boy carrying a bow and an arrow.
Red Roses: Red Rose arm tattoos temporary symbolize love and passion.
Jasmine: The Hindu symbol of love, Jasmine is a very fragrant white flower.

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