Apr 01 2012

Koi Fish Temporary Tattoos

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YiMei Waterproof black temporary tattoos totem dragon

Koi tattoo designs used Japanese carp as the central character. Koi come in shades of yellow, gold, Orange, some even of color percale. They can live for generations and some have become meek enough to feed on their hands owners. A koi s longevity has come to symbolize perseverance and s beauty can be found in all forms of Japanese art. In Japan and China, the koi has long been a symbol of masculinity and strength. The legends speak of him jumping the falls at the door of the Dragon in the Yellow River in China.

Download award-winning DesignsIn tattoo process was transformed into a dragon, a proof of its successful fight against the odds. Is s is not surprising that the koi fake tattoos beautiful are very popular, where masculinity is valued. In Japan, the koi appear in a young s forearm or the leg. While continued his life s trip which could finally win a dragon of his last piece of the back, echoing the legend of koi carp skip turned into a dragon in the Dragon Gate. Coloring, the whiskers, scale and special marks, represent a number of qualities that a young man may want in their lives. The background shows a person that you want to mark your body with a design that has meant symbolic deep may want to get a koi tattoo design.

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