Mar 25 2012

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

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Join and diamonds are inseparable. Rare diamonds and so is love. And for something precious to someone even more precious is one of the best gift ever. Which are the steps involved. Most women go in for the diamond engagement ring. And even in the vascular ring diamonds, has a new and coming soon, the pear-shaped engagement ring! Yes, the circle is truly unique in style and appearance, though the ancient pear shaped engagement ring pear-shaped engagement ring contemporary than with bread sticks, they are gorgeous in any form. Learn more about the circle. They simply could not resist.

Pear shaped Engagement rings?

Let’s start from the beginning. What exactly is a pear shaped engagement ring left? As you may have guessed, there is a ring in which there is a diamond-shaped PEAR in it. The ring was known by different names such as Marquise, tears or a combination of oval and round. The most famous engagement ring pear shape is probably the one that Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor, sold for a whopping $ 3 million! The shape difference of this circle is what makes it a favorite of celebrities too. It is said that this particular style of the ring was invented in Belgium, in the 15th century. The creative genius of this circle is Lodewyk van Berquem. Since then, women have adorned their fingers with this gorgeous ring.

Many women wonder about ways to wear this ring, because its shape. Despite the end of the decline should face towards the body or the face out of the body. Well, here is the answer. Because it has a distinctive shape, the method of wearing it depends completely on the woman wearing it. Wear it facing away from body definitely make the fingers look long and sleek, while wearing it must face the body can make it seem closer to the heart.The best part about this ring is that you can wear it with a pair of earrings of diamonds sparkle. It can fit almost any jewelry, diamonds and looks great with the official women’s clothing, and casual!

How to buy a Pear-shaped Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring must always be done with utmost care. And for a pear-shaped ring, even more. There are certain technical details necessary for a pear-shaped diamond, which must be cared for, to be the perfect pear-shaped gem. The technical details are mentioned below.
Pear-shaped stone should have 58 facets personal/aspect.
Bottom of pear ‘ should have a separate architecture for it. Some Jewelers avoid this to karat. Make sure that you have the architecture!
The ratio of length to width of the diamond is the best, average, somewhere between, 1.50-1.70.
All sides of the diamond should have symmetry. You can evaluate this even just looking at it.
When you look at the rock, from every angle, if you see the formation of a bow tie black in the Center, ask Goldsmith for cutting stone, slightly reduces this effect.
One other note is made, the point of PEAR are sharp. However, it must be valid to be tucked in a prong V to protect the stone and the wearer.
Most of the games were established with 3-pronged spear solitaires, but because the shape of this ring, PEAR should ideally have 6 spine. Gold or Platinum is the best basis to enhance and flaunt the beauty its beautiful landscape.
Most women will go for pear-shaped engagement ring with side stones, but I think that the engagement ring with Pave diamonds offers a classy look. One question to answer is how and what kind of wedding bands for the pear shaped engagement ring is the best choice? Well, you can go for a simple band with gold or Platinum for your wedding.Wearing wedding fashion ring first, and then the engagement ring. This will help the wedding ring closer to your heart. And finally, a good idea would be to go in for an engagement ring insurance. So, it’s almost everything you need to know about this circle. I guess you’re almost halfway out the door now! Sparkle away!

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