Mar 24 2012

What do the Colors of a Mood Ring Mean

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Before we look at what the colors on a mood ring mean, let us understand the science behind mood rings. Mood sterling silver charms comes in a simple or a complex design. But metal work mood ring is only for decorative purposes, that improves the appearance of jewelry. What really matters is the Thermo tropical liquid Crystals present inside the ring contained in either a glass or quartz gems. This liquid is so sensitive that it change its structure changes according to temperature changes to the person who wears it. And temperature changes in the body associated with mood fluctuations. Therefore, mood ring color meanings is used to see what the person who wears it feels at the moment. Below is what makes the colors on a mood ring mean, which will help you to associate the color changes of the mood ring.

What do the colors in the Mood Ring Set?

Black: this color is seen especially when the ring is not worn. But if black color appears while a person is wearing it as it means that the person is anxious, stressed-out, overstressed or not good.

Gray: Gray color doesn’t appear as often as black, but when it appears, it means that person has fear, distress, upset or feel exhausted.

White: the emergence of the color white on a person’s mood ring: someone is bored, frustrated or confused.

Green: this color when they appear on the ring means that the person is in an ideal mood, which means that the person feels calm and peaceful. As this is the color that is calibrated to the average overfladehudtemperaturen.

Dark green: Dark Green as Emerald Green means that the person feels ready and involved.

Bright Green: This mood ring color means that person feel curious and interested.

Deep Teal: This is the green hue with a hint of blue, this color means deep thinking and motivation.

Blue: the color blue means that the user is in a relaxed, happy, or in a peaceful state of mind.

Dark Blue: this color can be seen displayed on a person’s mood ring, when the person feels passionate or romantic.

Indigo: this color is related to a feeling of satisfaction, internal balance and calm.

Aquamarine Blue: this color indicates that the person who bears the mood ring is in an optimistic or a flirtatious mood.

Cobalt Blue: The blue color means that the user is in a pleasant and open to other people.

Deep Red: This shade of red on the bear’s ring shows that feel like passion, excitement and love.

Bright Red: a bright red color indicates that the feelings as tension, adventure, anger and shock.

Dark Orange: a tint of dark orange on the mood ring means that the person is nervous, aggressive, anxious or irritated.

Yellow-Orange: Amber mood ring color meanings are different according to the shadow. A tint of orange and yellow indicates that person feel sad, confused or a bit nervous.

Bright Yellow: a shadow of a bright yellow indicates that person is investigating a topic hard or express his feelings by means of a poem.

Dark Brown: dark brown when viewed on a user’s ring is connected to restlessness, tension and fear.

Brown-yellow: This is a unique color, indicating that the person feel mixed emotions.

Color: Taupe Beige suggests feelings of stress, unpredictability, distress or deterioration.

Pink: this color is pointing to different emotions, a light pink means that the person feels peaceful and rested.

Bright Pink: This shade of pink means that person feel affectionate, loving or happy. While a shade of light pink shows fear and uncertainty.

Deep Purple: A darker shade of purple means that person feel passionate, sensual and romantic.

Reddish-Purple: This shadow on mood ring color map shows the person is angry, in despair or is very fickle.

Explained above was what the colors on a mood ring mean.If you have a mood ring, you can carry it and use a mood ring meanings chart, and match the current color mood ring to figure out what it means. If you do not have a mood ring so you can get a decent design of a mood ring for $ 4, and may give it a try, to see the different color changes in the ring according to your mood.

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