Mar 23 2012

Beaded Bracelet Ideas

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Create your own jewelry is fun, and you can come up with a unique, that nobody else has. One of the simplest and easy jewelry to make this beaded bracelets. Handmade beaded bracelet makes a great fashion accessory, and you can even gift them to your friends. For making beaded bracelets, you will need some simple stationery goods and many beautiful beads. Want to know how to make handmade beaded bracelets? Well, there are many projects and patterns for making beaded bracelets. Here we are going to discuss some beaded bracelet ideas that can be easily used at home.

Model with beaded bracelet

There are plenty of ideas for beaded bracelets, and you can use your creativity to come up with another bracelet patterns. Some of the most popular models of beaded bracelets is one bracelet strands, strands of the double bracelet bracelet, bracelet, bagato?ilnih wire bead bracelet and cuff bracelets. Here are two ideas on making beaded bracelets.

Single Strand necklace and bracelet pearls of Pomegranate

Things you need to
Line oval pearls
1 thread beads oval Garnet
Flexible wire beads
Silver Clasp in the shape of heart
2 silver beads cover
2 crimp-beads
1 round White Pearl

To make this picture the ball bracelet, first slide the silver clasp in the form of hearts, on one end of the flexible wire. If the clasp in place, insert one of the breasts on the cover of the wire. Next slide crimping ball and follow it from one granat the ball. The next row of 2 white pearls follow one grenade ball. Continue stringing beads, so until you have the desired length. Now the string Board cover followed by large round pearls and crimping the ball. Your one pomegranate strand and perlovij bracelet is ready.

Multistrand pink quartz bracelet beads

Things you need to
27 little round pink quartz bead
16 round White Pearl
15 inch chain
1 lobster claw clasp with tabs
Flexible wire beads
2 jumprings
2 crimp-beads
22 caliber wires
Round Pliers

The first slide on the flexible wire beads jumpring and ob?ati his round nose pliers. The next row of three beads of pink quartz followed by one round pearls. Repeat the beading pattern 6 times and ob?ati the end of the wire beads other jumpring. It is a medium-sized strands of beads for your bracelet.

Further with the clippers, cut two 3.5-inch length chain and connect one 3.5-inch chain flexible wire with the wrap cycle. One round gem beads followed by one pink quartz and one Pearl. Cut one inch length chain and hook it up to a flexible wire. Continue one pearl beads, one with pink quartz and Pearl follow one 3.5-inch chain. Repeat the same sequence with the other piece of flexible wire beads.

If you have three strands of bubbly with you, lay in the strand in front of you in your desktop. Set the chain on jumprings, in the middle of the ball of thread. Lobster claw clasp then prikrpite at one end and a tab to another jumpring end jumpring. This is one of the best of several strands of beaded bracelet ideas.

These were some of the beads bracelet ideas that you can use for making bracelets. Use different colors and forms beads to Bracelet designs with beads. The combination of other materials, such as ribbons, sequins, feathers, seashells, chains and buttons to make your beaded bracelet more attractive and unique. Now that you know how to make a beaded bracelet you can make beautiful fashion bracelet for yourself. discount jewelry making is a very fun and creative crafts and lots of ideas you can come up with to create bracelets, love necklace and earrings.

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