Mar 22 2012

Tiger Temporary Tattoo

Posted by lu in Tattoo
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Here we have a very cool Tiger tattoo that seems to be on the back of someone else’s arm s.
And it’s not too big that it becomes obvious by penny in the shot with her. But it is also clear that this terrible symbol of power and beauty is in attack. It’s claws are out ? and has a paw a bit and ready to pounce and he is giving its huge teeth as if he were to put a little stuck out of his misery.

1000s fake tattoo real looking print DesignsThe Tiger is generally seen as a symbol of power and strength, but also of the destruction and violence and anger. The Tiger can also be a symbol of life and death, evil and the power of evil s meaningless or destructive. The Tiger can be a symbol for many things, but they always include speed, power and beauty. Because these are the things that this great animal is everything. That’s not what you think when you see a tiger? All I see is raw power. They are an amazing animal, with strengths and amazing attributes as no other life form on the planet. But in the end, they get the respect of the men because of how they are dangerous.

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