Mar 06 2012

Temporary Tattoos For Life – The 3 Things You Must Demand and 7 You Must Avoid

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A tattoo is forever – knowing that the application and what to avoid will make your tattooing experience a positive experience for many years to come. You are on the point of 1 length ahead of 99% of all other persons who tattoo.
Here are 3 things you want to ask your tattoo shop if they are not already provided.
1 – Cost… This should not be a guessing game. You must know the total cost at the front.
2 – Time of… How long will this take in General to get the tattoo done.
3 – Maintenance… Knowing in advance what is involved to ensure that your tattoo looks its best for years to come is something you need to know before get you to the ink in your body.
Now, here are the 7 things you should avoid at all costs… Some of these will appear unusual, or even surreal, but make no mistake, they occur on a large scale, and you must be ready to respond if necessary.
1 – If your body design artist tries to convince you to take an another tattoo, because that you want is too difficult for him…. Dismiss this. Regardless of what his reasoning is, the tattoo will be with you forever, so it must be exactly what you want.
2 – If your body design artist tells you that your skin is too dark for tattoo… Leave the premises immediately. Dark skin can be tattooed as clear skin. the only difference is that very dark skin will not take color, but black ink shows on any skin color.
3 – If you notice that your body design artist with too much attention the car you’ve driven in the clothing and or shoes you wear… Leave the premises immediately. He uses these things to try to determine the maximum amount of money, it may charge you for this tattoo.4. If your tattoo store does not offer a sort of standard pricing model… RUN! Businesses without a base pricing model are generally going to be cheat you.
5. If your body design artist insists that you get your tattoo on another part of your body that you have not first that your tattoo, go. He takes his suitability as being more important than your tattoo and the fact that you’re forever.
6 – If you you walk in your tattoo store and are not immediately and pleasantly greeted… Move away. If their level of professionalism is so weak that they cannot be disturbed for well welcome you, expect their level of professionalism to be in fact to put ink on you.
7 – If your artist becomes offens because that bring you an any of these points, leaving the premises immediately! It is clearly a problem there and you do not want your skin to pay the price for someone of other personal problems.
Now, with that said…. Use your common sense. Each artist is different and can have really cool ideas to get your tattoo more impressive that you had initially viewed. You should definitely take advantage of your high level of skills artists asking his opinion on everything for your tattoo, it’s just that ultimately you are the person who is forever, so that must be how and where you want.
If you come in a hapless situation where your artist you is wrong (most fake tattoos mens are a lot worse that the scratch on average by a cat), you must stop him and tell him to alleviate some. If he continues with a heavy hand, excuse you and get out of there.Don’t worry, the tattoo does are not completed – you can immediately go to an another tattoo shop and a professional, there will complete the work correctly.
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