Mar 01 2012

Why Get a Temporary Tattoo?

Posted by lu in Tattoo

in the 1960s, was the bland long hair, tattoos today which is a fad. why the people drink popular not in ten years tattoos have, although it can be just a passing fad and may? five reasons why people found are here to get tattoos i.
a tattoo is a point in their lives
some people get a tattoo to reflect a point in their lives. tattooed with a name for the love on her body. for example my wife has placed the daughter the name of her daughter on her back. others may have the symbol of military service in they served, engraved on their bodies.
a reminder not to forget
tattoos are also acquired the institution a memory that want to remember, remember. as a memory of a love one, that has passed.
to be rebellious
as already in the 1960s, as long hair and the hippie generation of of close to, fake last tattoos how long do are acquired, contribute to a rebellious statement for the company. the only difference between long hair and tattoos, is that you cut your hair when the fad faded, it is a little harder to remove a tattoo, if this mode goes away.
represents their interests
some tattoos are trying to show what the person is in. have interested for example, if a person may be interested in motorcycles, he or she made the design of a motorcycle on it. or a flower shop can have tattoos of flowers on them to help promote their business relationship.
conversation piece
some people get tattoos to be unique and have a conversation piece.

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