Feb 17 2012

Nail Biting Habit

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nail biting habit, scientifically called onychophagia, is a bad habit, followed by many children and even adults. although this habit does not cause serious health problems, should be avoided because it leads to many negative effects. nail biting is considered one of the stress relief habits of some people. many of the nail biters are finding it hard to get rid of this habit, and there is no specific cure for this bad habit.

often people bite nails with sub-conscious minds, because of anxiety or boredom or just to relieve stress. nail biting is one of the most nervous habits observed in many people. this habit starts in a person during childhood and in most cases continue until adulthood. when a person forms this habit, it is very difficult for him/her to get rid of it. some children adopt this habit by imitation from their parents or friends in school.

problems caused by nail biting habit
in addition to negative health problems caused due to nail biting habit, there are several social problems that a person may have to face. the emergence of bitten nails may affect one’s profession, morality and synergy with other people and the person facing embarrassment at times. bitten nails look very unsightly and may cause certain health problems also. fingertips are red and are susceptible to infections. biting nails is conducive for the direct transfer of bacteria fast in neglene into the mouth. nail biting can also be related to certain dental problems. biting the nails leads to bleeding of the skin near the nails, pain and various infections. these infections varies with the bacteria consumed without knowing through the nail. the skin in the vicinity of neglene are very sensitive and susceptible to infections. there are many proposed treatments for nail biting habit, but none of them guarantee full riddance of habit. some of the popular nail biting treatments are described below.

nail biting hardener
it is bitter solutions used on neglene. the bitter taste of the solution is said to prevent roman snail stone face from biting neglene. there are a number of such resolutions are available on the market. when roman snail stone face out his/her hand in the mouth, the bitter taste makes the stone face to take hands away. but in many of the cases, it was found that butterfly nail stickers stone face, get used to the bitter taste and continue to bite neglene. this method can prove effective for small children, but not for adults. nail care, manicure and neglelakker are also some of the nail biting remedies that make neglene look better and prevent nail stone face from habit. but even these solutions are not so useful, but we can give them a try.

hypnosis for nail biting
hypnosis is said to be the latest effective method to get rid of nail biting. nail biting is the habit that a person doing unconsciously because of stress, anxiety or even unconsciously. hypnosis provides different stress release ideas as a replacement for nail biting. it finds out the reason the roman snail stone face has gotten in the habit, and tries to remove the habit permanently. hypnosis may be the best way to completely stop this habit. one can consult a hypnotis?r to get help to stop nail biting habit. search on the internet and you will find many sites from which you can download books related to self hypnosis for nail biting.

so if you have nail biting habit and want to get rid of it no earlier than the recommended remedy is hypnosis. but you can also try other solutions before i go for hypnosis. nail biting is not a very dangerous habit, however, should not be dependent on it.

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