Feb 13 2012

The Best Temporary Tattoo Tips

Posted by lu in Tattoo

the very first thing you need to think about is really good:
do you really want a tattoo?
the most common reasons for people to get tattooed are:
-you want to show your uniqueness and individuality
-you want to your partner you can
-you want to belong to a group that has tattoos
-you want to identify with a subculture known for tattoos
the most important thing you should keep in mind is that you will still be tattooed 20 years from now. what if you get your diploma (s) to get a job, but nobody will hire you because of your tattoo (s)?
getting away from a tattoo is very expensive!
you could try a temporary tattoo first (such as an airbrush tattoo or even tattooed sleeves) to see if you really like a real. this way you can check it out without the pain and you can delete in case you like it anymore (in certain cases).
when you found it, and you still want a tattoo, you must ensure that you choose the correct. there are many different types to choose from (such as tribal, oriental, portrait and much more). my advice would be to take your time to think about this.
i wouldn’t tattoo of a name on my body (personally), with the exception of my kids names. your children will always be your children, but with a partner you just never know …
once you have decided which type you want, you need to change the colors (black/gray or many colors) to choose. after you know exactly what you want, then you need the body part you want your tattoo to choose. the best thing you should do is make sure that you cover up the tattoo in some cases (through your clothes, or even by jewelry).if you know exactly what you want and where you want to have on your body, make sure you go to a good tattoo artist and not someone that does it at home or at parties, make sure that the hygiene is good! the best would be choosing an artist who specializes in the type of tattoo that you want.
keeping these things in mind, you’re probably not going to one of the persons who regrets their black and white tattoo fake

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