Feb 08 2012

Orchid Temporary Tattoos

Posted by lu in Tattoo

contrary to popular belief, orchid tattoo designs not only have female symbolism associated with them, but the male symbolism also. in fact, the orchid of the word is derived from a greek word meaning testicle. this is because most of the thirty thousand varieties of orchids that exist have a stem upright in the center of the flower that looks much like a phallus. however, the orchid tattoos also have a feminine meaning also. in most cultures, the orchid tattoos are a distinctive symbol of elegance, grace and beauty.

1000 print designsin ancient chinese tattoos, tattoos of orchids were signed to prove that the woman was fertile and able to have family dependants. this meaning was soon extended to other countries as germany, africa and even egypt. other meanings associated with tattoos of orchids are harmony, luxury and sometimes death. in the communities of northern europe, the orchid supply buy tattoos are often a symbol of the blood of christ. the color of the tattoo of orchids can also have an important meaning. the white lotus flowers tend to remain standing for purity and perfection, while than red orchid flowers often represent the passion and the joy of love. if you choose to receive one of these designs, make sure you know all the meanings that may be associated with the color that you choose.

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