Feb 06 2012

Brittle Nails and Hair

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brittle nails can be identified as flaky nails that peel off easily. on the other hand, the fragility of hair can be described as coarse and dry hair that falls off easily. an identifiable sign of brittle hair is split ends. in fact, brittle nails and hair is a condition that arises due to excessive dryness. the dryness make hair and nails weak and gives them a sickly appearance.

what causes brittle hair and nails?
there are many different causes of brittle hair and nails. some of them are internal factors and others are external factors. nutritional deficiency is one of the main factors responsible for the fragility of the hair and nails. the lack of sufficient quantity of omega-3 essential fatty acids and vitamins especially vitamin b in the diet can make your hair dry and brittle. zinc deficiency-two essential minerals and iron in the body often make decal metallic nail dry and scaly.

when the nails and hair are exposed to many chemicals, so they tend to become dry. your hair is mostly exposed to chemicals due to the various chemical treatments on hair like bleaching, dyeing and so on. the chlorine in the water of the pool has a harsh effect on the hair. exposure to heat in the form of blow drying or sunlight often causes dry brittle hair.

common nail cause fragile is the wrong use of nail polish and nail polish remover or too use soaps and detergents. exhibition of various industrial solvents and other strong chemicals may be responsible for splitting nails. this condition can be a symptom of a number of underlying medical problems. thyroid problems, skin disorders, side effects of medications are some of the causes that causes both nails and hair dry and brittle. in some people, the problem of brittle nails and hair can be hereditary.

how to fix brittle hair?
the problem of brittle hair can be corrected with the help of proper hair care. some simple tips to prevent brittle hair breakage are as follows:

you must select the right kind of hair products for your hair brittle. these products that have biotin content are good for damaged hair. biotin is nothing but a form of vitamin b that can effectively repair your damaged hair and provide strength to them. thus, it prevents hair loss. use shampoo that are formulated specifically for dry hair condition and have natural oils in them. stay away from all products which have alcohol or sodium lauryl sulfate (sls) on them.
hot oil treatment is one of the most effective brittle hair remedies. heat coconut oil or olive oil and apply it to the entire scalp and hair. the layer of oil strengthens the hair roots and helps the hair to retain moisture.
shampoo your hair three times a week and no more than that. when washing your hair, rub your hair with a soft hand. shampooing should be followed by deep conditioning your hair. leave-in conditioners are best suited for brittle hair.
protect your hair from heat and pollutants. when you exit, cover your head with a hat to protect your hair from the sun or strong winds. after leaving the pool, you must wash your hair to get rid of chlorine and other chemicals from your hair.
avoid using hair styling tools in brittle hair to worsen the condition of your hair. if it is inevitable, make sure that you hold down set the heat at low temperature. similarly, the chemicals are best avoided, but if you have that, then keep a distance of at least 10 weeks, between two treatment sessions.
how to treat brittle nails?
nail care is a necessity for the restoration of healthy nails.here are some simple ways to treat dry brittle nails:

moisturize the nails several times per day you can simply massage some vaseline or vegetable oils in your fingernails. alternatively, you can use a lotion for the same. however, using a nail lotions such care that does not contain any chemicals.
almond oil is an excellent cure brittle nails. apply almond oil on nails 3-4 times in a week. vitamin e present in oil be absorbed easily to nails and strengthens them.
use a nail polish on your nails brittle which do not contain formaldehyde. this particular ingredient of nail painting causes the nail extremely dry. cool nail polish should be applied after a week. to remove the old nail polish, use a nail polish remover that does not have acetone on it.
when you have brittle nails, do not grow them long. trim them regularly and keep them short and round in shape so that they don’t get around the edges splintered.
do not wash your hands very often as excessive exposure to water makes your nails dry and fragile. when washing dishes or clothes, wear gloves to protect your nails from getting wet.
protect your nails from condition of cold and dry weather, using wool gloves.
most causes of brittle nails and hair loss can be prevented with proper diet. eat foods that are rich in b vitamins, minerals such as iron and zinc and omega-6 fatty acids. the regular intake of vitamin b7 or biotin supplements provide additional strength to hair and nails. however, once again, talk to your doctor before starting any such supplements.

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