Jan 26 2012

Biting Nails Psychology

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to cut one’s nails bite, often seen in children, and teenagers, is a habit konpulsif mouth. it is one of the longest the behavior body-focus repetitif, which has killed some damage in physical features physical or any damage. other good habit, is konpulsif kind of port (dermatillomania), konpulsif hair pulling (trichotillomania), konpulsif port bite (dermatophagia) and konpulsif kind of nose (rhinotillexomania). to cut one’s nails bite is clinic it was like onychophagia. most stinging insects more nails nails bite, further than their beds nails, and choosing, bite or chew kutikul till bleeding. have the right evil and purple and red, power can infected. usually nails stinging insects more tend cover their hands, so that no one notice nasty are nails. amoupwop he affected even as they a mood of constant in embarrassment.

to cut one’s nails bite prevalence

to cut one’s nails bite is a habit, which began in early childhood late. some children who develop habit in a large very june. but in most cases, is late children or young people early associated with the development in the habit of going nails pike. to cut one’s nails bite so rpandus who by some of social studies, around 30% for 33% children in the group have the age of 7 10, they have this habit. bite habit to cut one’s nails not only so, but children only, but young people, young elderly and a very some old older too this used. as and some of the children depasse this habit, as growth, others take this one habit age rulers and the age the same old. so prvalence two to cut one’s nails bite in young children are on 44%, whereas in young adult, it is around 20% to 30%. you surprised power know that 5% of the rulers aging were there are also habit for to cut one’s nails pike.

bite nails psychology

even if, nails bite is a habit common konpulsif, and with her hair, kind of nose, and so on, where in body-focus behavior repetitif often misdiagnosed and not treated well. there are different theory about bite nails psychology and development in the habit of going nails pike.explanation the most common for this is that habit of going to the bottom of stinging insects more to cut one’s nails, it is a technical of. relief straining

some theory suggests that it is related to genetics, while others consider it as a disease obsession konpulsif. he had also observed that anyone who bite nails because of hunger and nuissance. in some children, have bite nails kick bad habits was related to heads made a meal of the thumb, but he did not necessary that all leech the thumb must used for to cut one’s nails pike. this as habit now sort as repetitif behavior body-focus, and she came to the power of the group in obsession-konpulsif sickness. however, there are some health experts in opinion that habit they are not able to considered disease obsession konpulsif. even if, science about habit they still by nicaragua, we have to take a look in common factors at affecting bite nails psychology.

genetics, one of the theory regarding habit for to cut one’s nails bite is that to cut one’s nails bite is related to genetics. if any of parents this habit night during infancy or in infancy featuring some day then have a chance that the child have power develop habit. this means that chance in development habit nails bite of these little ones is higher, as compared with his counterpart.

help straining or stimulation, so that he might have dirt observers who most of stinging insects more nails driver some this love with recreation from habit, while they were under straining. to cut one’s nails activities bite to a effect calm ner on them and reduce levels in excitment. in the end time, nails bite is a activity in the to stimulate don’t, they feel bored or insist out. to him as one your head the nephew system regulatory requirements and help in the habit of going nails pike.

perfeksyonism, to cut one’s nails bite habit power come efforts constant a man lines irregularities in nails. them the power of driving out see nails for hours and trying to get rid of these irregularities in the crushing and kind. more often this took in damage more nails. so is bite nails psychology of based upon the perfeksyonism, acts targeting perfect the nails.

and now, see, the aspects are different nails and psychology bite factors at divers the affect psychology stinging insects boil. some theory suggests that deficit vitamins power over the took in nails bite habit. however, nails bite is unhealthy how it can transport the germs under nails the mouth power made disease. in addition, bite nails disease evil for your teeth, as he put a many straining to be under pressure.

sometimes treatment requires the use of different eliminate habit in nails bite and skin. have any medications? including deprese, b vitamins inozitol, etc. and there were certain men who find therapy relief in behavior, includes training reversal habit and estimilis therapy control. while party first; that is to say, training reversal habit focus in eliminate habit and replacing him with and some habit constructive engagement, second quarter-estimilis therapy obsessive, focus in identified with the limination estimilis spark the boil often pike. therapy disgust also useful in well luxury nail art stickers pike. in treatment there different method, like, cush nails and polone nails or cover nails and music tires, and so on, where in the order within the turkish military establishment has prevented nails pike. a combination of all pathways treatment what they can work better. in case bite people in children to cut one’s nails, other family members must try to understand the bite nails psychology and help them in the work to eliminate this habit.

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