Jan 24 2012

Temporary Tattoo Dragon

Posted by lu in Tattoo

this is a very serious dragon tattoo on this guys. the big green, fire breathing dragon, i assume, because the black smoke coming out of the nose. this is the game you’re looking for yet another representation of the moon dragon in the middle. s and is one of the moon, new moon and full moon shows that at the same time. i’m not sure at all, within the meaning of the dragon and the moon together, but i’m sure there are some huge importance. we’ve got me curious then you have to admit.

1000s of printable tattoos fun temporary designsi really like this dragon. this is a large and impressive, and s everything that really stands out as a very good work of art, which is extremely well executed and beautifully colored. you’re not t are often seen in a tattoo art work carried out smoothly, such as this. i’m going to guess the meaning of which is that since the moon is the life and the renewal of life and the never-ending cycle of life, it shall be the dragon. although, in general, the dragon would be drawn from certain types of rounds to be true. on the other hand, it looks so real it t.

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