Jan 15 2012

Acrylic Nail Polish

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long, sculpted nails is on the wish list of every woman who cares a lot about the beauty of her hands. but not everyone can successfully grow nails to the desired length and maintain them, often soft, brittle nails break easily and may result in a lot of physical and mental pain. maintain long nails are indeed challenging with a demanding lifestyle that forces you to use the hands for many things. for the women (and some men as well!) who find it impossible to grow their nails, acrylic nail water transfer decals turn out to be a blessing. not only can you flaunt your long nails without caring about breaking them, but you can also paint them in attractive colors, with the help of acrylic nail polish.

enamel based acrylic nail polish
acrylic nail polish is mainly made of emaljen. dry enamel acid is mixed with alcohol to get nail polish for acrylic nails. the tiny fibers or resin flow within emaljen mix. a special solvent then evaporates, thus curing resin through oxidation. a tough, flexible fiber based color is left as a result of the chemical reaction. enamel based acrylic colours have given rise to certain environmental concerns, due to the hazardous nature of enamel. moreover, is acrylic enamel based nail polish a bit tough to get off the nails.

water-based acrylic nail polish
water-based acrylic nail polish was formed way back in 2003. due to the environmental threat from emaljen based acrylic nail polish, it was soon replaced by water-based acrylic nail polish. water based acrylic polymer emulsion formula is called. like enamel based acrylic nail polish, it also contains tiny resin, which suspend freely in water solution. when used on acrylic nails, part of the water is evaporated, while the remaining portion of the water is absorbed in the nail. as a result is a strong polish again due to a fusion of the resin. water-based polish dries quickly and is easy to remove as it skreller of heroes.

how to apply acrylic nail polish
even you can get the job done at the salon or nail bar, you can end up spending a lot more than you intend. in addition, the job very time consuming at a salon. therefore, the best option to paint acrylic nails. to begin with, remove old from acrylic nails nail polish. always use a acetone nail polish remover free acrylic paint for the job. then file the top portion of the nails with a nail file. as nail polish remover can do acrylic nails coarse and sticky, it is important to buff it using a 4 sided nail buffer, start working on rough pages to remove weight. apply acrylic nail polish just like your natural nails. there is no need for a base coat, acrylic nails hold polish in a better way. finish paint on wood for each nail. apply a second coat, when the first coat dries completely. although nail polish is less likely to chip of acrylic nails, you can use a top coat to seal it and add gloss.

acrylic nail polish reviews
since you are likely to get your first acrylic nail the job done at a salon, nail experts recommend a brand by studying your nails. ideally, you should stick to the brand of acrylic nail polish that you start with, currently, avon, opi, sally hansen are some leading brands that deal in acrylic nail polish.

acrylic nail polish can be a bit more expensive than regular nail polish. but it is a sure shot way to ensure the beauty and health of your nails.

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