Jan 12 2012

Cool Temporary Tattoos

Posted by lu in Tattoo

for those of you who come here looking for cool ideas, the creation of a tattoo, then got a surprise for you. i made a short list of some cool realistic tattoos fake that i have seen in recent years. so kick back, pick up a chair and be ready to blow. or at least get some really cool ideas for your next artistic part of the body. many of you are sci-fi fans so i v e decided to give you some ideas, cool tattoo covering the genre. whether you’re a fan of the x-files? how about getting a tattoo that mulder and scully functions.

download award winning tattoo designshell, you can even do a tattoo that features an alien with the x-files? printed across the chest in a large, pimpy font. or, maybe your a fan of star trek. not t portrait of captain kirk and mister spock is a really cool tattoo? maybe your not sci-fan fan, but more of a horror fan. ok, i got this s some cool tattoo ideas on this genre as well. but what of the nightmare on elm street as freddie by his razor knives from within you? or, why not get a tattoo, that features a scene from the exorcist. this would not only tattoo cool, but what the scary one, too. search cool tattoo is simply the process of looking at things in a different way. good luck.

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