Jan 11 2012

Acrylic Nails vs. Gel Nails

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joanne has been slogging off the entire weekend preparing a presentation on tuesday. wanted is to leave office early monday, so that she could attend the participation of the parties is amy. complete the work by sunday morning. however, the commission found that the bitten off most of the nails, while working on its function. she had been doing for quite some time for my appearance for this opportunity. she paid regular visits to the beauty salon and scoured through most of the shops in the city for the best clothes. would you let the evening is spoiled due to bad nails? never! she quickly corrected solution is required. this was, when he reminded me of artificial nails.

thank god for acrylic and gel nails. they are the saviour for women with fragile nails, or those who have the habit of nail-tail. now the question is, where to go for? joanne has to consider the gel nails acrylic nails vs. to be able to decide which was right for her.

artificial nails

acrylic nail polish and artificial nails, gel nails are representing for short and brittle nails. acrylic nails are made by mixing liquid and powder (monomer and polymer), which is a liquid to thick consistency. this fluid is then applied to a natural nohtih, such as artificial nails. gel nail is a polymer and monomer gel used for sticker nail metallic and then cured. there are two types of gel nails. light-cured variety is cured by ultra violet rays after the application of izpostavljal gel. the absence of light-cured variety with gel activator that ash or brushed on the nail. without the light of the various cures faster than light gel nails and have the additional advantage that does not need uv light equipment. these artificial nails are great as by adding the desired length, different types of art nail can be done on them to bring their fingers glamurozen appearance. acrylic nail designs have become increasingly popular with women in recent times.

gel nails acrylic nails vs

gel nails acrylic nails come before. therefore, these may be available as a gel nails. it is also easier to find shops that offer acrylic nail nails, compared with gel nails.because they have been around more than their colleague, the most nail technicians at the salone and spas have a lot of experience on how to use and remove acrylic nails. gel nails lost to the advantage of acrylic nails because they are relatively new.

however, gel nails give a more natural look to your fingers, like acrylic nails. you’re as good as the natural long nails. they are softer and more flexible than acrylic nails. gel nails are also odorless, compared with their colleagues acrylic. do not need a strong smelling chemicals for use or disposal, such as acrylic impact nails done. this powerful chemicals that are used in acrylic impact nails can cause greater damage to the nails as gel nails can be. gel nail curing time is shorter than that of acrylic. also need less loading during the application.

despite all the advantages of gel nails, however, have their own weaknesses. gel nails are not lasting as long as acrylic impact the enterprise. when this is done correctly and with the proper care of nails, acrylic nails usually lasted much longer than gel nails done. varnishes for nails also do not stay as long as the gel nails acrylic nails do so on the. if you are broke or acrylic nails is easy to fix it up yourself. however, gel nails are hard to do at home. in addition to finding a salon technicians with the desired level of expertise and experience in the use of gel nails, these nails come at a price higher than that of acrylic. be the gel nails are always well off. cannot be the only namo?eno page.

having regard to the facts of the gel nails acrylic nails vs. we have to realise that each has its advantages and disadvantages. everyone wishes to perfection. but when it comes to deciding which type of artificial nail that, money and time become important factors worth consider.

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