Dec 29 2011

Nail Art Ideas

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with the growing trend of art nail fashion for girls, the latest fad is that their proposals on the never ending nalakova? nail created using nechtu paints, stickers, beads, flowers, stars, and even stones. even the popularity of body piercing jewelry and worn nails, such as prstienky are from day to day. if you want to create a nail art design, you can use the assistance of professional artists, the nails, or you can use your own imagination and creativity.

how to proceed
for the creation of different designs and styles, nail art on their own, in the first place you will need to file the nail water transfer decal properly pilnk to the nails. then you will need a clear primer, topcoat, nail or color and ?pradlo. first, a primer on the nail and then a layer of varnish to the nails. leave to dry properly, after which you can begin to paint the nails by using ?pradl in your favorite color to soak for nails. create your own design to complement your fingernails and then gave a final topcoat, or to make it last longer. before application of the varnish, you can also add the bly?t to make the proposals more prominent. create custom designs for nail may be a bit time consuming and require a lot of effort, but they are special, as you have created yourself.

but when you don’t have much time, it may be ltkovy or stickers to be used for the same purpose. for the use of the substance to the creation of nail art, the first overview of his fingernails to the paper. then cut the substance that you selected under this size. now for the marketing of material for the nail, you can either use the glue hair or a strong layer of varnish to the nails. if you are going to use the nail for this purpose, then use a transparent one. now place the substance on the nail and then apply the coating of transparent nail. however, the use of labels for nails is the easiest way to create a nail art design.

nail art ideas
as regards the design and the color is chosen on the basis of the annual period and opportunities.rather, the pink is commonly used for artistic color nail, but today they are gold, red and blue colors of the widely used for nail art. you can either go to nail art designs from the hands that you can create yourself using nail art brush, acrylic paints, glitters, beads, etc., or for the french manicure & acrylic nail designs.

generally, liquid and powder known as acrylic nail extension, nail. there are colorful powders mixture to produce different shades, while bly?t are crushed shells, dried flowers, beads, pearls, stones, and even the built-in create some interesting designs of nail art. on the other hand, the french manicure nail is another simple yet stunning novelty, which confers on the elegant appearance of the nails. this can be developed using acrylic (liquid and powder) or glass-fibre, or uv gels. to create these models, first of all you have to use white enamel paint free edges of the nail to them the french manicure look.

for special occasions such as weddings, you can choose a more complex structure. nail art nail piercing the wearing of jewelry accessories is another popular choice. insertion of precious stones, stones and pearls are particularly suitable for the production of nails at the wedding. on the occasion of christmas, christmas tree, or you can do as the cezmna leaves to the nails, while for valentine’s day, the red heart with cupids look great.

i hope these ideas help you decorate your nail, nail design nail art engaging. so the twinkling colours and design that suits your personality and insert items, such as bly?t, beads or flowers to create a unique look for your nails. together, with the use of professional, also is trying to rozpta? their own creativity and imagination to make some exciting design nail art.

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