Dec 29 2011

How to Apply Nail Decals

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in the world of decoration and design, temporary art is as important as permalinks structure. for example, tattoos, permanent and rather painful way to get one’s skin. and you can’t get rid of the design is easy, you can’t change it easily. so if you want a tattoo, but not permanently? you can try tribal large tattoo fake stickers or decals, where tattoo art as labels, so you slide them from paper substrate and correct them on your skin. they have a temporary effect, you can remove them and experiment with different patterns as you like.

labels are also used by government agencies on the occasion of the official vehicles, such as police cars and fire engines. you can use to reflect on the helmet in order to improve decol road safety or use a decorative stickers to personalize almost any hard surface, such as guitars, notebooks, wall, mobile phones and even the skin and nails. although tattooing was only one form of skin of decals, you can even use stickers or stickers to decorate your nails. with nail decals, you can your nails with rhinestones shik and diamonds or the use of complex models like flowers and batik prints, which are typically too difficult to draw.

how to apply nail iron art-water based

water-based or water-slide decals are ready-made designs nails nail polish that will stick on your nails, support his article deleted with a small amount of water. these decals must be moved into place and will not follow immediately.
first coat of paint on your nails. nail art stickers are weatherproof and natural unpolished nails. this rule applies to acrylic or gel fake nails.

if you want to be on decol bare uncoated nails, then using a nail, nail varnish, to paint the nails.
apply one layer of varnish or polish, and let your nails completely dry.
onto the decals. cut around the design model or as close thereto as possible, but leave a little border paper substrate.
now help to reduce this template into the bowl with water. not dunk cut decals for too long in the water, and paper substrates may unlatch itself at vsasyvaas.
also you can make design during, for example, that its support stands before you. use a cotton swab moistened with water and attach support.
wait a few seconds, then use pliers, hold and slide back down.
attach the template to your fingernail. while still wet, you can maneuver and organize pictures as you wish.
once you have decided on a location, press down firmly fix the template.
use the small fabric or cloth to wash away the extra water.
if you want to apply a more distinctive signs on the nail, do so in a similar manner.
most nail decol suites come with a top layer or sealant, you can also use transparent varnish nail.
once the draft is dry, and you have completed that nail, apply 2 layers top layer. this will print a decal on the spot, so he goes out. let your fashion nail art decals dry.
if you want to save your nail art decol, try it with clear nail polish or topcoat nails, after 1 week of use. water nail stickers lasts about 2-3 weeks.

how to use nail polish rub-iron supplements

rooms at the water-based iron stickers or with acrylic or silicon substrate. they can be easily soskolznul, but after you attach, they cannot be moved.
paint your nails with 1 layer nail or nail. let your nails dry.

paint one nail with nail varnish color of your choice. let this nail dry.
use tweezers to put designs on the substrate. if the project is large and should be draped on the nail, then cut the design, and then clean up from the paper substrate.
place nails, move it to your fingernail and then use a cotton swab to clamp it down tightly.
rub the cotton swab or finger to press the entire design of the nail. if this is a major project, press from the center to the edges of the design, so that no air bubbles are formed.
coat the nail from the upper layer of polish or printing dekolej locally. let your nails completely dry.
along with the knowledge of how to apply nail decals, you need to know how to delete them. you can use liquid remover or acetone to remove nail decals. do not attempt to detach decol. those who have allergies to latex, you should avoid using nails decals, because these products contain latex and can cause allergic reactions.

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