Dec 22 2011

Ridges on Fingernails

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common nails have ridges on the nails, but the problem is not a serious health concern. there are two types of nails have ridges-vertical and horizontal, and basic medical conditions can be represented.

vertical ridge is not considered serious concerns, but you must move the horizontal ridges are seriously. nails on the end of the vertical ridges general nail nails epidermis extending at the base. you’re growing older, and especially if you do not indicate any underlying illness or disease, these ridges are more prominent. however, when you observe the horizontal ridges on fingernails, indicating that these are serious medical conditions.

horizontal ridges

if you observe the horizontal ridges in nails, treatment may be required. these are different, and each represents a different underlying medical conditions. the type of horizontal ridges are listed below.

these horizontally on the nails of the lines: ridges a linear depression is characterized by dark has been cell. they nail trauma caused by the interruption of protein synthesis in the same conditions, malnutrition, acute illness, chemotherapy prior to the body, and the ridges of the metabolic functions that is experiencing the problem.

muerhcke line: this color is due to the ridges of the abort indicates the absence of albumin is a kidney or liver disease, ares and malnutrition caused by chemotherapy.

horizontal ridges: this represents the history of the disease is a serious nail ridges.

aldrich’s line: these are one of the other heavy material that appear later in the episode of arsenic poisoning or poisoning of the fading line. in addition, a person may be suffering from a serious kidney disease.

terry’s nails: nail nail plates and horizontal ridges, this type of white band featuring end with nails. it is diabetes, hiv infection, kidney disease or liver cirrhosis refers to the sides.

how to generate the ridges on fingernails

most of the ridges on the nails because of a lack of nutrition absorption and horse-. the lack of essential vitamins for each of the nails and interfere with the process of shaping the quality this is may be the cause of the ridges on fingernails another common cause of nails or nail ridges are too dry and nail matrix is caused by trauma to the nail caused by the lack of sufficient moisture. this is one of the water transfer sticker nail art will become. other causes of respiratory disease on the nail ridges, autoimmune disease, skin disorders such as psoriasis eczema, including exposure to toxins such as arsenic

tips to treat and prevent the ridges on fingernails

a chemical solution or all sorts of rough materials always wear gloves while handling.
drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep yourself well hydrated.
rich in vitamins and eat a balanced nutritional diet.
if necessary, but also the nutritional supplements. vitamin supplement and zinc supplements will help.
an emery board nail nails with the buffs and grown out of a wait. have patience, because you can treat the ridges and the time.
to this hydrating lotion or cuticle using a moisturizer your nails keep well hydrated and moisturized.
horizontal ridges form to your doctor immediately if you treat yourself.
sometimes nails nail polish and nail care to perform some of the colorful experience that you can avoid the ridge on the nails, and overall will help improve the health of your nails.
follow the tips above for healthy nails, nail fungus, white spots on your nails, such as to avoid problems

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