Dec 21 2011

Celtic Motherhood Temporary Tattoo

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celtic maternity tattoos are very popular choice for parents to symbolize their love for their children. it is a common sight to see a person with celtic motherhood tattoo design that spelling the names of their children, or just the initials. there are a number of variations on these tattoos, but almost all of them mean the same thing, fertility and love for your child.

the name suggests, that only women wide choose such a design for a tattoo, but as we have seen, some fathers also sport celtic maternity knot tattoos. it is the essence, and depicting the tattoo, which are most important, and it is absolutely a unisex tattoo. celtic maternity tattoo for adults temporary usually depicts a set of intertwined hearts in different sizes, shapes and colors, and these just illustrate inextricably ties.

the primary design of the tattoo are quite small in size and can fit anywhere on the wrist or the neck, back, shoulder, ankle, or under the arm. in its oldest and purest form, illustrates a celtic motherhood tattoo stages of a woman, the mother, the girl and the crone. over the years changes this design have been generated, which is suitable for men as well. many people also combine celtic symbol of motherhood tattoo with other motives, and get them to appear as celtic bands around their biceps or arms. read more about celtic symbols and meaning.

the importance
the origin of this tattoo design shed light on its meaning, as it was originally perceived. the motherhood symbol is simply a symbol of the triple goddess pre-christian times. the various stages of his life (his mother, the girl and the crone) is depicted through this beautiful design that really fascinates the viewer with its minute and detailed intricacies. some people also believe that a celtic motherhood symbol tattoo represents the growing moon, the waning moon and full moon. these positions of the moon was known to affect women in celtic culture.

we should also note that in these times, was a pregnant woman is much appreciated. people thought that it is a huge fortune for a woman to become pregnant, and also seen as a good omen for the time ahead. they have also believed firmly that if a woman approached motherhood, this meant that crops would be exceptionally good and plenty of that year. all these factors made maternity symbol all the more highly honored, and as such, celtic maternity tattoos bear a deep faith and faith with them.

celtic tattoos are usually characterised by large networks and patterns of sinuous lines and rings. these sterling silver charms appear to have no openings, so they strongly imply an unbreakable bond. the most popular choice for celtic maternity tattoo designs are 2 hearts made out of this conflation knot-work, with a heart lower than the other. children are listed with dots in the design, and these dots can exist anywhere, inside the hearts or without them, many alternative financing methods include adding other solve this basic design, and frankly, the possibilities are endless.

the beauty of these patterns is that they are multiannual and will always mean the same thing-an inextricably ties with the child. celtic tattoos are embedded with lots of history and meaning, and these are deeply rooted in celtic art and culture. celtic maternity tattoos are excellent choices for parents, especially if they are of a celt origin.

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children are the most precious creatures in the lives of their parents, and get a tattoo on their presence in your life is a very emotional and meaningful choices. with the amount of deep rooted heritage, celtic symbols bear, it’s easy to see exactly why celtic maternity tattoos are so popular throughout the world.

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