Dec 11 2011

How to Make Designs on Your Nails

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nail art nails decoration and ornate looking nails can be created using the popular method. creating a design on the nails, that isn’t a simple blemish, you definitely need to hurry up the deck until the nail salons. in this case, or even for every day wear as many designs you can choose the decoration on the nails. nail design to learn more about how to create, you must first have all the necessary supplies and equipment yourself with. beginners, acrylic nails, and finally nails first on paper, it is recommended that you design practice. so, here you need to supply the nails in the design of the instructions about how to create a list. for more information about the nail design themselves to read.

nail art kit

the most important goods would require a variety of colors and shades of dark and light all the nail polish. select a good quality for a long time, chip strong nail art korean decal nail art brush for and get the best results. also, buy a matte, as well as all the shiny can’t remember ran down. needs another very important supply is clear or transparent top coat. not too thick, sealing the right consistency is required for the purpose of buying one. you need a third toothpicks, acrylic paint, rhinestones (all colors), a good tip to paint brushes, nail glue.

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if you want to start with rhinestones and vertical stripe nail design can be produced. on paper, draw a straight vertical slash with paints the practice. once you get the hang of it, placing continuously on the surface of acrylic nails, nail, apply the base coat (all colors) and a dry well. after it is dry, base coats and nail colors to accompany. you have a combination of light and dark, such as the dark purple, lavender, you can try. now, starting from the left edge of the bottom of the nail, a thin vertical line, a straight line diagonally toward the center. another line up, such that in the middle. nails are now the same section. if you are not out of line and got straight or somewhere, fill it with another stroke of polish. this allows for completely dry, and, if necessary, it will use a blow-dryer to dry. once it was dry, you nail design nail color is used for both to be commended for, select the color of rhinestones. you can grab the top of the top coat is applied, there is a clear coat on the court as a toothpick, dip the end of a toothpick and rhinestone. then, the area between the green line at the top of the stroke economy. depending on the length of the stroke and three inserted rhinestones on the nails to secure the top coat is tight coat of rhinestones. this allows for completely dry and nail art design is ready!

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red nail polish, nail design, such as france, ladybug, try other simple flowers, stars, polka dots, a practice such as the yin and yang, good and more complex patterns and usage of the color of nail design nail designs, go to the try. memories of the design is too complex or won’t look messy. it should be neat and dry nails pretty well for. select your nail design and color combinations of rhinestones. you use the correct tools for complex designs, your nails before them, make sure that practice them on paper.

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nail design, making it require a lot of patience and practice, so if you do not get it right the first time don’t worry. once the nails design know how to make your brilliant experiment on another nail design nail flaunting enjoy!

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