Dec 03 2011

Dragonfly Temporary Tattoo

Posted by lu in Tattoo

wow this is the final dragonfly tattoo, it seems that s flying right off the shoulder girls, talk of a perverse effect. it’s all about s being designed using a three-dimensional style. this artist is the use of color to set the wings and body distant to give three dimensional visuals. the purple wings and a green body of the sea, this is such a tattoo of dragonfly fantastic. i can t overcome as in real life seems to have the shadow beneath it and the details used on the legs are totally mind blowing.

download award winning tattoos bulldog fake designsi have seen a tattoo of dragonfly very close, but this is just best in design and color. this girl must be thinking to herself, this is the hottest tattoo i got, so i’m going to parade this little creature around, everywhere i go. is the kind of reminds you of the dragonfly in the film named after with kevin costner. great movie by the way. i think if i have a tattoo of dragonfly like this, i would have the artist placed a couple of lilies small below next to the shadow. the man who would be very bad, would add just a touch a little to the tattoo of dragonfly, so i may be able to have more projects added to it later down the road.

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