Dec 02 2011

Foot Temporary Tattoos

Posted by lu in Tattoo

here we have a couple of really cool look and combining foot tattoos. these two are simple tattoos, but to go straight to the point. just a simple type of design around the top of the foot in its majority. these tattoos walk really reminded me of the time i saw a guy tattooed with sandals for your feet. yes, sandals. he had them placed in such a way that if it really was using a pair of sandals, and unless you stood near him and gave a good look, you would never know it was really only tattoos.

tattoo print 1000s of designshe was a kind of goofy guy and although use the joke that he did this so that he could get in and out of the little shops in the area without them saying that he had to have shoes. i think he thought it was funny. is cute, but not much s funny and i never believed that was the real reason he got them.they say foot temporary tattoos world flags may be the most painful tattoos to obtain because the skin is so close to the bone, and that require more post-treatment, so as to prevent infection and such things. i’m not sure if this is true or not.

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