Nov 28 2011

Temporary Tattoo Tribal

Posted by lu in Tattoo

this is a tribal tattoo design that i think was done very well. the blows of the lines are broad, and the design is very symmetrical. this design tattoo tribal refers to shoulder its full and winds up at the tip of the elbow is. technically this is a well executed and planned the tattoo tribal. but this s creativity and style is another matter altogether. designs like this look too much like each other. i must have seen a million of these models and none of them do anything to distinguish them from the rest.

1000 printable tattoo temp for children designsi i think this would have been a supernova if additional elements have been added to it. almost any would have given that designing a few notches up pol. this guy could have added an item to the hawaiian. he could have added a native american totem item to l. he could have added some kind of animal as a dragon or wolf with the project. something to make it different from all other tribal tattoo designs out there. where is the creativity of people? i l tell you if does not it s s. e in tattoo design guys, and the fact that s for sure!

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