Nov 28 2011

Flower Temporary Tattoos and Their Meanings

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the flowers are always pleasant for the eyes and we see around us. therefore, it is natural to find flowers opening path design tattoo as well. each of these tattoos of flowers and their meanings have got to be very popular among women.

flower tattoo designs
flower tattoo designs is very beautiful and feminine. therefore, generally when a woman decides to get white, choose a flower tattoo design for her. along with feminine grace, there is a wide range of variety and style, which is available. these can be small and delicate flower realistic tattoos temp or may choose to be great, eclectic and daring. often, the foot and ankle tattoos of flowers are delicately made. women prefer to choose a single flower tattoos on foot, but a tattoo of the flower also has a wonderful view. flower tattoos are popular not only among women but the tattoo designs of hawaiian flowers, as well as tattoos are popular among men. these are combined with the tribal tattoo designs or with the skull, the daggers and crosses when done on men. if a woman decides to become a bigger tattoo done, these tattoos of flowers combine with the vineyards, ladybugs, butterflies and hummingbirds to add the extra zing.

the tattoos of flowers and their meanings
now let’s turn to the meaning of these flower tattoos. it was signed between the flowers, roses have a special place. there is also the oldest and most popular designs of flowers. to each have a different connotation, his roses. but let’s see the traditional meanings assigned to the roses. roses is identified with the goddess aphrodite to the greeks and romans and, therefore, denotes love and beauty. whereas for christians, the roses symbolize the virgin, the ancient egyptians wore roses to worship at the goddess isis, which represented an ideal mother and wife. the most popular among the roses are roses red.they symbolize the love and romance, at the same time, also noted for its value. the color pink is always seen as feminine. pink rose tattoo symbolize grace and admiration. if you want to get a tattoo done, representing the eternal love and innocence, then you should get a pink white ink itself. buds of rosa in the middle part of the beauty and youth.

tattoos of cherry blossoms are an important part of flower tattoos for girls. they are supposed to be very feminine tattoos. in china, cherry blossom tattoos denote the female beauty and love. on the other hand, in japan, which rightly symbolizes the transience of life, such as cherry blossoms bloom during a very short period of time. read more about female tattoo designs.

the other common tattoos of flowers are those of the fleur-de-lis. in general, a fleur-de-lis symbolizes purity. however, there are many types of lilies and lily tattoo designs. the meaning of the different designs of tattoo means lily in different cultures. in medieval times, a lily of the innocence, while in ancient egypt, a lily symbolized fertility. lilies represent pride and prosperity, the orange lilies denote hatred while on the other hand, the lily is synonymous with beauty.

the lotus flower tattoos are the favorite of many people, because of its significance. the meaning of a lotus flower is found where it grows. floats in the water kinda muddy, similarly lotus tattoo denotes purity, that is floating in the water dirty called society. in india and china, the spiritual awakening to a lotus notes. japanese tattoos, but also looks in the sense that it is not clear. read more about the lotus flowers: symbol and tattoos.

i think only tattoos sunflower have different meanings depending on its size. all flower tattoos, tattoos sunflower are the only ones, which are larger and bolder.a sunflower small tattoo is synonymous with adoration and a tattoo of sunflower is a symbol of loyalty. sunflower tattoos are said to be those who have the maximum impact, due to their large size and color.

daisy tattoos are very common in the tattoo designs of flowers for the feet, ankles and shoulders. they are very delicate and beautiful as they keep up with the feminine and mrs. aspect. these tattoos are usually very small size. tattoos daisy denote innocence, loyalty in faith, love and purity.

very few are aware of design, flower of hibiscus is also used to make tattoos. the flower of the state of hawaii is a red hibiscus. hibiscus flowers are often red or yellow. a tattoo is consumed by love symbolized hibiscus or a delicate beauty.

some of the other flower tattoos and their meaning-i-forget, they are not flowers. it is an old belief that people who use this tattoo doesn’t have been forgotten by their lovers. orchids represent something mysterious, while violets means fidelity, and modesty. most female tattoos of the flower has a meaning attached to it and thus are a great success with women.

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