Nov 24 2011

Koi Sleeve Temporary Tattoos

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japanese tattoos are always a popular choice because you can select, dragons, yin yang, shinto deities, the buddha, nature, flowers, and even animals. known symbol of animals is the japanese koi tattoo. koi or nishikigoi, is a japanese word that means “brocade carp. these fish are widely used for decoration of outdoor ponds and water gardens. also known as the carps, the traditional japanese koi tattoo sleeves are popular because it symbolizes courage, prosperity and power. koi sleeve personalized tattoos temporary in different colors, because the koi fish alone in bright colors. each color has its own importance. depending on your taste and likings, you can choose the japanese koi tattoo sleeve.

japanese koi sleeve tattoo
mythology koi goes back to china, and is more than 2000 years. whereas, for hundreds of years, is a koi fish kept as pets for good luck and prosperity. even if the koi fish originates from china, the japanese brand name known throughout the world. according to their culture, if the koi fish is caught and placed on the cutting board to be cut, it will be a lie and wait until the grooves with a knife to pieces. it would be unmoved and look in the face of death. this property is associated with the quality of the samurai is the courage, strength, power and energy.

western culture has picked up the koi fish tattoo on its various shapes and designs. mainly koi tattoos do not have a significant place for tattoos, but most of the people on the sleeves. other parts of the body may be chest, shoulders, legs, hands and ribs and back. koi tattoo sleeve came in vibrant colours, white, black, yellow, red, blue and cream. these tattoos are impregnated with the details and use dynamic color combinations. sleeves are a common location for fish designs tattoo koi, because it gives enough space to the tattoo. tattoo may include water background, show, koi swim against strong currents. so think about the design and the colors of the tattoos before you can continue and get one.

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what tattoo koi case in mind?
koi sleeve tattoo impregnated with swim against the current, usually means that you have already overcome the problems and obstacles in life. unlike the direction against the direction means that still fighting for life and seeks to overcome all the difficulties, without according to traditional japanese tattoo, the direction in which the fish swims and its background, the collective projects, which means for a tattoo. just to give you a heads up, get the koi tattoo that stands on the back. if you’ve ever seen the tattoo koi sleeve, it will always face forward. of course there are exceptions from this exercise. the important thing is that the tattoo means something, and it really doesn’t matter how others can interpret. read more about the tattoo of the koi fish and their importance.

the buddhist belief: koi fish represents courage in buddhism. according to their faith, “” swim “through” the ocean of suffering ‘ without fear, as well as a fish swims in water. ”

japanese legend: an old japanese legend states in koi reaches a point called the dragon gate on the yellow river, successfully climbing falls, koi transforms into a dragon. according to this legend, koi tattoo are the symbol of the efforts and progress.

there is about 22 different species of fish, koi, and you can choose on which fish and color (s) selected for its tattoo koi sleeve. most of the sleeve tattoo koi’s fantastic colors and designs. however, there is a lot of koi tattoos made with black ink and a tribal tattoo. options vary according to the cost of koi tattoos and personal taste. how color tattoo koi housing may be more expensive than the traditional black ink tattoo, but color tattoo looks absolutely gorgeous on the skin. so you decide to take some time to complete the construction, location, and color. tattoos became a silent prayer for those who integrate the design of their personal lives. ideology from which still koi sleeve tattoo is to show the world who you are and what you’ve done in my life.

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