Nov 19 2011

Japanese Nail Art

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nail art provides ample opportunities for fashionable women to bring this wonderful art from the land of the rising sun for the rest of the world. this way we capture color, imagination and other great details of the nail. as we all know that japan is a repository of countless forms of art and one of them is japanese nail art. the japanese nail art designs are one of the easy nail art designs which have become a part of fashion from all over the world. this art has once again shown that the japanese are very talented and great creativity and have successfully exercised their creativity on a small platform that has become popular as nail art. this is not an ancient art form or traditional, rather it is started in the mid 90 ‘s.

in this amazing art, nail designers use techniques such as air or hand-painting brush on nail and acrylic chip is called nail art in acrylic. after these japanese nail art designs are ready, they are glued on natural nails with the help of sculpture gel or acrylic special techniques. once they become hard, designers can begin to paint directly on them. nail artists adorn it with japanese calligraphy or attack some discount jewelry or things to decorate it. this art can also be performed directly on the fingernails or toenails. the designs can be made either two-dimensional or three-dimensional. two-dimensional drawings can sometimes give the impression of a three-dimensional design. three-dimensional designs are made using powder of sculpture and the nail is further decorated with other accessories. now we see the science involved behind these unique japanese nail art.

how to make japanese nail art?

the science behind the realization of this awesome japanese nail art is very simple.stereoscopy usbs are realized through the application of ‘ mixture ‘ above the fake fingernails nail art sticker has a consistency of paint. applies very quickly so that a desired shape may be given before it dries up. when you want to beautify the nail with some accessories like flowers, then they should be made in advance and then it should be attached to the nail with the help of glue. the time needed to make this three-dimensional art is much less, it takes just 3-4 minutes. but the time consumed in making other details is much more. the time needed to make these projects depends on the complexity involved. a simple chip with a rhinestone could take two hours and if a design more elaborate is required, then it might also take three hours or more.

now let’s see how it looks different from media that create fix manicure in making everyday tasks easier. japanese always think one step ahead. have established a trend of accessory that lets you work in a very normal, even after putting on these extensions for nails. you can also do not have to worry about opening a bottle of coca cola after wearing these arts nail because japanese have a solution to this. they designed specifically for the nails such situations.

nowadays, there is no stereotypical way of designing your nails. designers prefer to do the designs according to what people want to try to look like. rather than do something artistic, eccentric and make people and fashion wants it. these characteristics make this art is very different from the usual and french manicure manicure nail art. this amazing japanese nail art completely changes the appearance of hands and is an excellent way to allowing women to be entirely female.

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