Nov 08 2011

Paua Shells

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in maori, paua are species (haliotis iris) abalones paua shellfish waters found in the coast of new zealand. averages, paua is approximately five inches in size, and most are oval shape. there are two main uses of the paua is first is to harvest it for meat which is treated as a traditional maori food delectable, and the second shell. paua are used to make jewellery, gifts and other items.

paua shell: means

the world that has more than a hundred lines of abalones. however, most get back among the paua these shortages due to the vivid color, and skin from the color spectrum into its. if you see them in many paua shell types of colors and shades of color right from the green blue purple pink gold! paua shells originally implemented by maori people to highlight the eyes in their art work. typically, when it comes to anger is in the eye of the warrior red paua shells implemented many contemporary crafts and of new zealand have made extensive use of shells. paua too along with the arts and crafts, paua shell is always is an important part of the jewellery in new zealand.

when it reaches oyster paua, it not only their beauty that attract people to benefit body and mind, many who should be wearing jewellery, paua shells are popular among both men and women in the world than a bull sterling silver rings species of abalones (including paua) reinforce the body as well as heart. if someone wearing ornaments paua shells that he can show his feelings to others. paua shells have the confidence to bring unity and sensitivity in relation to connection abalones are found in many skin colors in a way that it is the beauty of life in the many changes that we experience every day, month, year and decade ago!

it is common among people of his tribe, paua shell. maori as a gift to another person as they picked up this directs the fortunate, prosperous, and peaceful, with people of ethnic minority’s medicine lores said maori paua shell is used to maintain a number of diseases and health conditions in the past, lack of calcium,listen to nervous system malfunction problems is part of the criteria that have been preserved with skin. the beliefs of mori paua

paua shell usage

shell bead, which is used to fit lala common in bracelet, earring pendant and so different, so many of the most popular ornamental plants due to the influence each other’s unique color that one can see on the surface of the paua shell, change color when they are looking from different corners every time! paua shell features of nature truly amazed what is true that there is no second shell. paua. patterns and colors that differ from seashell shell great light that spread out from the bark of these interesting and striking in it from the crystal layer is created because the protein and calcium in these shells. to bring out the true beauty of shells paua they conflict first before they are used for making jewellery pieces.

moreover, it is used in jewellery, paua shell is used to decorate the house painted paua shells and paua shell the paua lami goes into a vase of flowers, i keep borrowing its beauty to the interior of the house. today wedding couple by planned paua to the wedding in the style of the novel. wedding and wedding sets or run d, invitations, etc these are touch shell is looking for interesting aroused in them!

paua shells are beautiful and considered a good luck charm is whether they are true, all benefits included with their debate by still owns a piece of unique jewelry or items furnished house made from the shells of these beautiful is a great device!

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