Nov 05 2011

Lil Wayne Temporary Tattoos

Posted by lu in Tattoo

lil wayne, known otherwise as weezy has a vast collection of tattoos. in fact is covered most of his body, his face all the way up the legs. so, instead of trying each one his designs describe, i m you get a small taste of lil wayne s tattoos. the most celebrities can be seen on his face. two under each eye include four tears, the close relatives that died. he has tattooed “fear” of an eyelid, and “god” tattooed on his others.

has download award winning tattoo designshe tattooed the letters “c” between his eyes on the forehead that ita is for his mother? other lil wayne temporary tattoos stars include a smiley face tattoo on his inner lip, a vein tattoo, down covers the neck and on the forehead, and a gun tattoo on his right palm. but, that doesn’t t tattoos s even on the tip of the iceberg for lil wayne. his entire back is done with a prayer and a huge skull tattoo. he has covered also its entire front with such things as a red star, the word of god and different collages. and that’s not a complete list of lil wayne s tattoos.

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